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26/05/2023 -
[May 26th Change Log]
-Default Tibia Client...
[May 26th Change Log]
-Default Tibia Client will no longer crash when seeing the following: New animations, New arrows/bolts, Trade windows with new items.
19/05/2023 -
[May 18th Change Log]
-Stamina Feather added...
[May 18th Change Log]
-Stamina Feather added back to Boosted Dan for 2kk under "trade" window.
-Dragon Lord, Hydra, Necromancer, Frost Dragon and Cyclops added to 25% Magical Monster chance tier.
-Rebirth NPC text has been updated to match new rates.
-Werehyaena Corpse is now lootable.
-Helmets/Armor/Legs/Boots should now drop with Skill Attributes.
17/05/2023 -
[Magical Monsters Update]
-Magical Monster...
[Magical Monsters Update]
-Magical Monster Update now live! If you kill one of these creatures and find yourself lucky enough to loot an equipment piece; it will be guaranteed magical based on the tier of the magical you just killed.
-Dragons currently have a 25% chance and all bosses have 100%. More monsters will be added to the list of possible Magicals over time.
-Bosses now drop magical items as they are now magical 100% of the time. If we do lower the % of magical chance for bosses, they will still drop magicals based on your magic find.
-You can now open Reward Bags from Bosses once again!
-The Side-Kicks in boss rooms have now been made loot shareable when killing meaning each player will receive a reward bag.
-Mythical Items are now 200 dust cheaper to create at the crafter.
-New Shaders have been added to the client, restart your client for auto update to take place. -Other small changes have taken place as well.
13/05/2023 -
[Client Patches Released]
-Please download the...
[Client Patches Released]
-Please download the new client from our Downloads Page.
-Shaders now display properly when using classic-otc layout.
04/05/2023 -
[May 3rd Change Log]:
-Bosses on the bottom...
[May 3rd Change Log]:
-Bosses on the bottom floor of the TP Room have had a huge loot table adjustment.
-All bosses now have a small chance to drop the new wands/rods + spectral bolt.
-Jaul now has the chance to drop deepling weapons and depth helmet, armor, legs and feet.
-A delay of 5 minutes has been added in between adding market offers.
-A 10 second cooldown has been added to Critical Strikes and Dodges.
-Critical Strikes now deal from 1.1x - 2x Damage.
-Demon Oak Rewards, Steel Helmet and Jungle Quiver have all been added to the Magical List.
-Shields can no longer roll the Armor attribute as it had no effect.
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[Blazera Season 2 is almost here!]
Season 2 will be starting April 28th featuring brand new Dungeons & World Events with bosses waiting to taste your blood! Defeat them and earn exclusive new items ported in from the latest tibia updates.
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Count Down until Blazera - Season 2 begins!
Season 2 will begin Friday, April 28th.

All players will be set to level 1 with default skills & items.
[Premium Points from last season will be redeemable]

Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Last Person to Register: Hatfield, prepare for your adventure!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Blueish (Lv. 295). Congratulations!
Accounts: 737
Players: 1061
Guilds: 24
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Bishop Bullwinkle

XP: (84.76M)


Time: (30d 16h)
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Savage Horde
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The Alpha Project
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