Real Map 8.6 || Features: Magical Loot - Item Salvaging & Smelting - Offline Item Market - Daily Boosted Monsters - Randomized Mini-Bosses - Monster Levels w/ Bonus XP - World Events - Boss Reward Chest - Earn Premium Points - Guild/Team Point Rewards - Automatic Events - Skull System + Earn XP from PVP - Cast System - Magical Lottery - Addon Bonuses - Automatic Raids - Dedicated Server - 24/7 Uptime - Frequent Updates - Guild War Tournaments - Active Staff & Discord Channel
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30/07/2022 -
[Hunting Rooms] The issue with some rooms not...
[Hunting Rooms] The issue with some rooms not allowing players inside has been fixed!
28/07/2022 -
[Monster Spawning] Monsters will now spawn with...
[Monster Spawning] Monsters will now spawn with players on screen just like RL Tibia with the teleport poof effect 3 times before spawning.
23/07/2022 -
[Auto Loot] I heard you guys loud and clear, you...
[Auto Loot] I heard you guys loud and clear, you wanted auto loot system; you got it!
Use "!autoloot" "!autoloot add,gold coin" "!autoloot remove,gold coin"
23/07/2022 -
[Crash Fix] The issue that caused todays rollback...
[Crash Fix] The issue that caused todays rollback has been resolved.
Monster levels & Mini-Bosses have been re-enabled.
22/07/2022 -
[Previous Donations] All previous donators have...
[Previous Donations] All previous donators have received ALL of their points back.

Only 4 accounts hit the limit of 1500 points this week and will receive up to another 1500 points next Friday.
[This is so we do not over stimulate the economy]
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Blazera Season 1 is upon us!
After 2 years of being online 24/7 with constant updates, we have finally launched our first SEASON! New Features include: Offline Market, Mini-Bosses, Monster Levels, Dynamic XP Bonuses & more!
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Welcome to Blazera 8.6! [JOIN DISCORD]
Last Person to Register: Myten, prepare for your adventure!
Currently, the best player on the server is: [SNR] Relapse (Lv. 294). Congratulations!
Accounts: 842
Players: 1076
Guilds: 17
Android Client Server F.A.Q Server Info
Top Guilds on Blazera [GUILD WARS]


25 kills

The Other Guys

3 kills

Blazera Kings

1 kills
Jun 06 2022 -
Blazera Patch Notes

Welcome fellow Blazerians,
We have concluded testing and would like to share with you a new patch update available with the server save on June 20th @ 3AM EST.

[Magic Item Patches]
-Some items can now drop with XP Bonus attribute! (Backpacks & Frozen Starlight)
-Quests, Events and NPCs will now have the chance to make the rewards magical.
-Some items will no longer receive magical attributes. (Leather, Studded, Chain Sets & other lower)

[Item Smelting]
-Magical Rarity Gems have been added; loot them from bosses & events!
-Use the hammer in the Smelting Station to create tier-specific items with the required gems.

[Item Salvaging]
-Save your magical loot and earn magical dust!
-Trade 100 magical dust for 1 Orb of Enchantment.
(Upper Thais Magic Shop or Thais Library)

22:37 Your legendary mystical crystal ring of holyness has been converted into x50 magical dusts.
Monster Looted Items = 2x Magical Dust || Orb Created Items = 50x Magical Dust

New Fire Storm Event
-Starts everyday at 12PM (noon).
-Be the last to survive the storm of fire balls raining from the sky to win.
-Earn CC, Magical Gems, Orbs of Enchantment & Rarity Gems for winning.

[PVP Push Duel Event]
-Challenge your friends and see who is the fastest with their moves!
-Bring your MW Runes to Thais Casino across from the Magic Shop and test your skills.

-Server Save now takes place at 3AM instead of 5AM.
-EQ Slots on Character Pages now show Magical Item Properties.
-Character Pages now display K/D Ratio, Frags/Deaths, Online Time, VIP Status & more.
-Kill Statistics page now shows SD Effects and transforms players outfits into dead bodies.
-Highscores now displays VIP status and Level Percentage to next level.
-Who Is Online now displays Casting Status, VIP, Guild Info & Skulls.
-Shop History page has been added to show recent transactions.
-Thais Casino updated with DPS area, Swimming Pool & more.
-Weak Monsters have been removed from daily boosted monster list.

Regards, Staff

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Mar 03 2022 -
Blazera March Patch [Quality of Life]
Blazera March Patch Info

NPC's taking players items when equipped; especially magical items.
Our dear friend Nahlesar (located second floor Thais Library) has been found to be the main culprit stealing players equipped items. We apologize for any lost items and appreciate everyones understanding while we fixed this. If anyone encounters an NPC taking equipped items, please inform us of the NPC name; although we are 99.9% positive this issue will never occur again.

Stamina was not recovering at an acceptable rate.
In other news, the reported issue of stamina recovery has been resolved (although there was not a "bug" to begin with). From now on, ALL characters will recover 3.125 minutes of stamina for every 5 minutes being logged off. (This is compared to 1 minute of stamina for every 3 minutes logged off)
We have also lowered the buffer before stamina recovers after being logged off from 10 minutes to 1 minute.

Could not access Donation Castles without VIP.
Castles are now also accessible from the northern side of the basement of Captain Bluebeard's ship.

Exhaust is not functioning properly from runes/potions "Cannot mana potion + SD at the same time".
Our "reportee" must have recently been playing a Baiak/Custom server; after evaluation from a popular war server owner; we can confirm that the exhausts are shared/seperated exactly where they need to be.

Seeing what monster dropped magical loot is too hard amongst the battle log.
We have now added an extra message in default channel to help easily filter which monster has dropped the desired loot.
Players in parties will both receive the loot message.
[Example] 17:11 Loot: a rotworm just dropped a uncommon mace.

-!stats now shows all attributes and elements limitations and current applied stats.
-!mf now shows current absorbed magic boxes & lucky items.
-Castle Access has been added to Thais Boat Basement.

We have lots planned for the coming month. From new casino games, events, marketplace features and more.
We hope to make the community a happy and active one <3

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Mar 03 2022 -
New Android Client is Live!

The android client (OTClientV8) allows you to play Blazera on your phone! Hunt, talk to friends or hit up the casino! This client is a work in progress and will be updated in the future to include a fully functional bot. The android client bot will allow you to do everything thats possible with elfbot and a lot more.

Android Client Features:
• Automatically connects to Blazera.
• Highly optimized client with great performance.
• Fully featured bot will be added in the future.
• Bored at work or at school? Play from anywhere!
Note: This client is a work in progress!

Download Client

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Feb 02 2022 -
Blazera February Patch [Magic Items]
Blazera February Patch Info

-Stamina now recovers (1 min every 2 min) in trainers up to 40:00.
-White Skull Timer has been lowered from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.
-Exp Stages from 150-200 have been slightly increased.
-We have also added a new exp range from 200-250.

-NPC's will no longer check EQ slots for selling items, however if you have an extra in your backpack and try to sell it, it will take from your EQ slots first. [Please be aware of this with your magical items until we find a further solution to only allow the NPC to ONLY buy items from backpack]
-All arrows/bolts/spears/runes have been made infinite.
-Lottery Timer changed from 1 hour to 3 hours, new items have been added like "Orb of Enchantment", "Blazera Token", "Hunting Tokens'.
-When looking at a player, it now shows VIP Status + K/D Ratio and Guild Status properly.
-Stamina settings adjusted, seems to be earning 7 minutes every 30 minutes.
-Grimville is now accessible through Thais Boat.
-You can use "!mf" to check your current magic find percent,
-Orb of Enchantment, Magic Find Box and Lucky Amulet have been added to the shop.
-Magical Item System has been completely revamped with new attributes added, you can now find items with any of the following: +maxhealth, +maxmana, +health/mana regen, +absorb elements, +attack speed, +hitchance, +armor/defence, +attack, +magiclevel, +meleeskills, +extracharges, +extraduration.

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Jan 01 2022 -
Blazera January Patch [Casino + Hunting Rooms]

Thank you for choosing Blazera!
We have had a busy week between getting map/server updates ready to push from the Test Server to the Production Server. Everything is all ready to go for January 29th, we hope to see you and your friends on launch day!

Blazera January Patch Info

-Gambling Dice NPC added to Thais Depot. (high/low - 80% reward)
-You can now look at other players to see VIP Status, K/D Ratio and how many guildmates they have/are online.
-Hunting Room Teleport moved from VIP to Thais Depot.
-Outfit Statue added to Thais Depot (Requires 1 Blazera Coin).
-Blazera Coins will be dropped by monsters(600+ hp), earned from events, etc.
-Pits of Inferno and Annilihator access portals added to Thais Temple (second floor).
-Thais Depot + Boat teleports added to Thais Temple (second floor).
-Jail Room has been added to Thais Temple (Anti-Bot System and GM's can send you here).
-Yasir is now docked to Thais Boat and you can now sell all your creature products.
-Frozdegon, Orshabaal & Ghazbaran bosses are available through VIP Boat. (3 hour respawn time)
-The same bosses are available in the Event Room for FREE accounts. (6 hour respawn time)
-Web Pages (Server Info) and (Addon Bonuses) have been updated.

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Apr 04 2021 -
Blazera 8.6 Real Map

Welcome to Blazera!
We are constantly working on new features for Blazera, take a look at the list below to see what has already been completed.

Change Log:
-Unfair Fight Reduction System
-Low Level Blessings onDeath (unless skulled)
-No damage to guildmates during Guild Wars
-Anti-MC, maximum of 3 connections per IP.
-Hunting Rooms Added (Dragons/DLs)
-Advanced Guild Page Information added
-NPCs only take items from backpacks
-+1SQM Instant Push enabled

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