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22/11/2023 -
[Nov 22nd Change Log]
-Orb of Enchantment can...
[Nov 22nd Change Log]
-Orb of Enchantment can now be used with legendarys.
-The Blazera Weekend Sale has concluded, thank you to all supporters!
-Orb of Enchantment prices have returned to normal.
17/11/2023 -
[Blazera Discount Weekend]
Until Mondays Server...
[Blazera Discount Weekend]
Until Mondays Server Save we have added a bonus to all premium point packages of $20 or above.
Earn up to 250 extra points when donating to Blazera this weekend!

Orb of Enchantment has also been discounted in the webshop from 35 -> 30 points and will also take effect in-game shop after todays server save.
17/11/2023 -
[Nov 16th Change Log]
-Let this go as a warning...
[Nov 16th Change Log]
-Let this go as a warning to anyone thinking about using an MC to PVP. Lecymy, Zwei and Eins have been banned until Monday.
17/11/2023 -
[Nov 15th Change Log]
-Monster Eggs now only...
[Nov 15th Change Log]
-Monster Eggs now only drop to players with 38 hours or more stamina.
-Jungle Quiver is now set to an ammo slot item type.
15/11/2023 -
[Nov 14th Change Log]
-Rebirth Access Portal...
[Nov 14th Change Log]
-Rebirth Access Portal now allows players of Rebirth 1 or greater to enter.
-With this we are also preparing our Rebirth Island to be implemented soon which will feature new houses, a few spawns/quests and also a rebirth only dungeon.
-Jungle Quiver is now possible to be enchanted as a trinket.
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[Blazera RESETS on Oct 21st!]
Blazera will be resetting characters on October 21st @ 11AM EST!
New Features: Daily Tasks with a task point shop to earn rewards and boosts, Casino w/ valuable prizes, PvP Events that auto-balance level/skills/eq, Monster Eggs you can find by hunting monsters that spawn bosses and so much more! Lots of events planned, don't miss out!
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Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Accounts: 754 • Players: 1128 • Guilds: 14 • Wars: 3
DownloadsServer InfoF.A.QCustom Client
Countdown until Blazera resets!

All players have been deleted, please create a new character.
All past donations will be redeemable: Recover Points
Please download our custom client for a better experience.
Blazera Player Spotlight
Reborn Legend


Rebirths: (2)
Bounty Hunter


Frags: (165)
Grim Reaper


Deaths: (125)


XP: (445.12M)


Time: (45d 0h)
Most Powerful Guilds on Blazera

111 kills

64 kills

Death Enforcers
53 kills
Blazera Server Trailer

[Blazera Real Map 8.6 - Starters Information]

Full 8.6 Real Map w/ Roshamuul + New Items
Full quests with missions - completing quests unlocks Boss Rooms featuring new creatures from up to client 13x! Areas like Roshamuul are also available with proper inhabitant creatures + loot tables. Blazera prides itself to be as close to Real Tibia as possible in 8.6 while also introducing the updates we feel should be in the game.
Magic Find, Magical Item Attributes & Crafting

Each character has a magic find chance that increases as you level, when a monster drops equipment items they can be found with up to 44 new attributes including life/mana steal, elemental strikes, multi-shot, critical/dodge & many more! You are also able to smelt items from valuable gems or salvage magical items for dust to build new ones in the crafting system. Bosses are also great way to earn dust, gems and orbs of enchantment!

Dungeons & Team Finder
We offer a unique dungeon system using a team finder and queue for you to enjoy hunts with other players. Either use !dungeon to access them by quick access window selection or enter the teleport in Thais Depot. Rewards are repeatable once every 24 hours or you can earn a second reward before the cooldown is over by using a dungeon token. Some dungeons are locked by dungeon keys which are obtained through bosses/events.

Daily Tasks & Task Shop
We offer three daily tasks that include • Completing Activities • Monster Killing • Creature Product Collection. Completing these tasks will earn you experience, gold coins, experience boosts and points that can be used in the Task Shop.
Login Reward System
Every day you log in, over the course of 28 days you will receive a new reward. If you fail to login for 24 hours, the prizes will restart at Day 1. Complete the prize list by logging in everyday to earn some truly legendary rewards! wink wink

Rebirth/Prestige with Character Benefits
Once reaching level 300, players can visit the Oracle of Rebirth to be reborn. You will be set back to level 8 while keeping your skills and items. Each rebirth will add 1% health, mana and damage to your character and unlock access to rebirth island.

Dynamic Boss Rewards Container
When killing certain bosses as a team, each player will receive their own unique loot which can be found in the "Reward Chest" inside your depot or by looting the creature after the fight. Certain items will be flagged as unique with only 1 participant receiving the reward.

Boss Arenas & Monster Eggs
While hunting you will find special eggs that spawn RARE bosses, when you find one of these eggs it will be labeled by its rarity and allow you to spawn a boss of that type in the Boss Arenas. You can also rent a private arena for 15 Blazera tokens to ensure no one interrupts your fight.
Events & Mini-Games
Events like Team Death Match, Safe Zone, Fire Storm & Zombies run every hour on the hour while Mini-Events like Trivia & Fastest Fingers run every 20 to 40 minutes. By participating you earn Blazera Tokens which can be used to purchase exclusive rewards. If you feel lucky, you can also spend them in our casino that offers: Black Jack, Dice, Beat The Dealer, Wheel of Fortune & Slot Machines.
No P2W & No VIP Items
All web shop items are non-edited real tibia items and can be earned by quests, won through events, dropped by bosses or purchased with Blazera Tokens. Every single item is available in-game!
Server opens October 21st @ 11AM EST
Dont miss out on the adventure - stay on the look out in our discord for promo-keys!

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players: 29
Uptime: 8h 25m