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01/12/2022 -
[Nov 30th Server Save Change Log]:
-New Shop...
[Nov 30th Server Save Change Log]:
-New Shop System in place offers Auras, Wings, Shaders!
28/11/2022 -
[Nov 27th Server Save Change Log]:
-Lynda in...
[Nov 27th Server Save Change Log]:
-Lynda in Thais Church will now happily allow two willing players to get married.
-You require a wedding ring + wedding outfit box (obtained in Venore).
-When looking at a character that is married you will see their spouse/status.
-The person who initiates the wedding will receive the Newly Wed outfit.
-The spouse will need to ask Lynda for the "outfit" or say "newly wed" to obtain it.
27/11/2022 -
[Nov 26th Server Save Change Log]:
-Santa Claus...
[Nov 26th Server Save Change Log]:
-Santa Claus is coming to town, find him in Thais Tavern! [1 Present per Day!]
-Messenger of Santa can sell you Christmas Supplies in Thais Library!
-Grynch Clain Raids now happen every hour in Thais and Carlin.
-Collect Santas Bags and earn Christmas Tokens!
26/11/2022 -
[Nov 25th Server Save Change Log]:
[Nov 25th Server Save Change Log]:
-Dungeon System Implemented [Willows Swamp implemented for testing]
-Market Fix Applied [No more lost mail]
-New Salvaging Rates
-Black Friday Sale now active until Monday
25/11/2022 -
[Nov 24th Server Save Change Log]:
[Nov 24th Server Save Change Log]:
-Magical Crafter will now allow you to pay double on common-epic to attempt for second slot attributes.
23/11/2022 -
[Nov 23rd Server Save Change Log]:
-The Item...
[Nov 23rd Server Save Change Log]:
-The Item Level System has now been released. Items now gain/lose levels when using them; reaching higher levels unlocks magical tiers!
-Magical Crafting NPC has been added to Thais Temple, visit him to create all the magical tiers including the NEW MYTHICAL TIER for level 200+ items.
-Paralyze is now cured when using Haste/Strong Haste
18/11/2022 -
[Nov 17th Server Save Change Log]:
[Nov 17th Server Save Change Log]:
-Free Blazera Cosmetics are now obtained on first login. -6 Mounts, 1 Aura (Water Circles) & 1 Wing (Angelic Wings)!
16/11/2022 -
-205 Mounts, 85 Outfits, 72 Auras, 52 Wings added to the client.
-CIPSoft Client for 8.6 works with NO CRASHES/DEBUGS!

Please download the new client from our downloads page if you wish to experience the new update.
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[Blazera 1.5 Update Notes] is now hosted on a brand new customized server engine with an upgraded dedicated server! We also have a new custom client and many in-game changes available for players, read the article for more information.
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Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Last Person to Register: Thadevil, prepare for your adventure!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Blueish (Lv. 317). Congratulations!
Accounts: 472
Players: 675
Guilds: 17
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