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08/04/2024 -
[April 8th - Weekly Monday Patch]

[April 8th - Weekly Monday Patch]

With this weeks changes we have added more quality of life changes and requested additions, we hope you enjoy!

[Magical Tooltips]
When hovering over items you will now be able to view magical attributes!
We will also display the magical tier name above the item name from now on.
Additionally the magical creation type is also on display in the tooltip.
Last but not least, you will now see the item level/percentage at the bottom!

[Magical Item Linking]
Seen in games like World of Warcraft/Dialbo, you can now share your magical finds in chat!
When using CTRL + ALT to link an item to chat, it will now also display the tier color.
Upon hover item-links will now also include the magical attribute information mentioned above.

[New Inspection Info]
When inspecting a player you will now be able to see their: Rebirth, Magic Find, Quest Points and Bank Balance.
We will continue to add new features and options to this window in the future, let us know any suggestions!

[Unjustified Points Module]
As found on the default layout, we have now activated the Unjustified Point window on the tibia layout.
It will offer the same features showing you the current skull along with time remaining for frags and skulls.
Along with this information it will also display the amount of frags needed for red skull and black skull.

[Extended Client Ping]
A feature requested for awhile by a few players that live further away from our servers.
Upon logging in your ping will now display in the top left corner of the screen.
You can toggle ping display in the options menu along.

[DirectX Client Option]
A new client update has been released to feature DirectX as an option to users on older systems.
blazera_dx.exe will run much better on systems that are using older graphics cards, motherboards, etc.
blazera.exe will remain the OpenGL option and should be the default use, however its completely your call.

[Boss Health Bars]
Adjustments have been made to take into account the top display bar of conditions and health/mana.
We have also moved the name inside the bar next to the health for an easier viewing experience.

[Rebirth Equipment Usaged]
When rebirthing you will no longer be restricted by item levels on armors or weapons!
This means when you rebirth, even if a level has a level requirement of 60; you will do full damage.
We hope this change makes the transition easier to anyone exploring our reborn system!

[Line of Sight]
Previously Blazera followed the same logic of Tibia with the top down angle line of sight.
This means you were able to shoot magic walls towards the top of the screen better than the bottom.
We have adjusted the code that handles line of sight to allow balanced shooting.
Moving forward you will be able to shoot a magic wall down and behind a current blocking object.
The same way it would function for doing to towards the top.

[Daily & Quest Point Timer Display]
You can now use the talkactions !qp and !dailys to display the remaining timers for quest points, daily tasks and boosts.
You are able to see if they are both available and the time remaining, we hope this makes it easier to tell when things are ready.
A client window will be coming soon to display the same type of options, while possibly extending it to show current task objectives.

[Quick Fixes]
-You are now able to drag container windows to their full length when using 32 slots.
-You are now able to free move container windows anywhere on the screen on the default layout.
-Tibia layout now includes access to all shaders.
-Analyzer issue has been resolved, please move your bot folder to the desktop from %appdata% and start the client.
-We have removed all tier names when looking at an item from now on, they will show only on tooltip hover.
-The Supply Crate for Xodets shop used during What a Foolish quest is now available again.
02/04/2024 -
[Download new client files, DirectX added!]
[Download new client files, DirectX added!]
For anyone that has issues, please delete from %appdata%/BlazeraOT/
01/04/2024 -
[April 1st - Weekly Monday Patch]

[April 1st - Weekly Monday Patch]

This week we are happy to feature a large number of custom client improvements!

[Magical Auto Looter]
A new icon has been added in the toolbar that allows you to open the new auto loot mechanic which allows you to autoloot up to 4 items when hunting.
This module also allows the option to loot magical items only! By selecting the check mark for the specified item you are able to enable that feature.
You also have the option to assign each item to a specific backpack. While it currently only allows for up to 4 items by default, there will be ways to increase this size coming soon.

[Auto Open Containers]
Have you ever logged back in only to realize you need to set back up all of your supply containers back to the same positioning?
Well fear no more! Container locations will now be saved when logging out and reopened upon logging back into the game.
This applies to all your characters across the account, quickly switch between characters to the same state you were previously!

[Item Info Tooltips]
When hovering your mouse above an item it will now popup a new tooltip display with the items information.
With version 1, we have enabled just default information which means magical attributes are not currently displayed.
With coming updates we will be enhancing the visuals and information displayed to include magical attributes, item level/percent to next level and tier name.

[Link Items to Chat]
By using CTRL + ALT together, you are now able to link an item to chat and send it for others to view.
When players move their mouse over the item name it will display the tooltip with the items information.
This will allow players to share or sell their magical items with ease when using game chat.

[Player Inspection]
A brand new feature has been added to the client that allows you to view another characters live stats on demand!
By right clicking on a player you now have access to an "Inspect" option, clicking it will bring up a window.
In this window you can see the players current items, skills with percentage, guild information and more!
The tooltips mentioned above will also display when hovering over players items in this window.
We plan to use this window to expand on things like showing players magic find, quest points and other unique features to Blazera.

[New Character List]
Upon logging into Blazera you will now be greeted with your characters name, outfit display, vocation and level.
Overall we feel this provides a much more enjoyable login experience compared to the default list.
You will also see these changes reflected when accessing the casts list.

[Boss Health Bars]
Prepare to fight, bosses now feature a new health bar mechanic to enhance the overall fight experience.
Upon first appearing a new health bar will display at the top of the screen with the bosses name.
It will actively update to display the remaining percentage of health left on the boss.

[Buff Icon Display]
A new feature has been added to the client that is not currently active in the game called Buff Icons.
We will be starting to use the icons to display things like exhausts, boost timers and other timed events.

[Player Titles]
Customize your character even further by adding a player title to your character!
Right now things are handled manually with the first player titles being added to Mysteric (Quester) and Flyingboots (Reborn Hero).
We will be expanding this feature to allow players to pay a fee or use achievements to display specific titles.
It will also be used for the monster levels, mini-bosses and other event creatures in the near future.

[Client Restructuring]
The following two layouts have been removed from the client: Stonedrake & Classic OTC. We have chosen to prioritize the Flash and Tibia layouts for a straight forward experience.
The Tibia Layout has also received some improvements! Magical Rarity Frames now display in the inventory and containers. NPC Quick interaction on left/right click also are working as intended.

We hope this weeks update has made your lifes a little easier while playing Blazera!
24/03/2024 -
[Mar 25th - Weekly Monday Patch]

We have a...
[Mar 25th - Weekly Monday Patch]

We have a bunch of new events and features to discuss this week, we hope you enjoy!

[Daily Events]
Blazera now has daily special events running for you to enjoy during the week!
From special npc events to extra experience, check the list below to see what all you can expect!

[Monday] - Lazy Monday Event (50% increased experience)
[Tuesday] - Tasker Tuesday Event (50% decreased repeat times for tasks)
[Wednesday] - Where's Waldo Wednesday Event (Specialized NPC allowing the trade of blazera tokens and magical dust)
[Thursday] - Thirsty Thursday Event (All Health and Mana potions have 5% extra healing/recovery powers)
[Friday] - Weekly Boss Event (Orshabaal spawns in the Weekly Boss Chambers found in Thais Depot)
[Saturday] - Weekly Boss Event (Ghazbaran spawns in the Weekly Boss Chambers found in Thais Depot)
[Sunday] - Weekly Boss Event (Ferumbras spawns in the Weekly Boss Chambers found in Thais Depot)

[Global Boosts]
As you notice above, new global boosts are now an option for Blazera! We are able to create special items and tasks that can allow players to start global bonuses!
We are currently adding shrines throughout the world that change locations on a daily basis but when used it will activate the boost type for an hour for all players.
Moving forward we hope to add numerous types including our current World Event/Shadow Portals. Stay tuned for much more!

[Experience Rates]
The server staged experience rates have now returned to normal with the recent enhancements around free daily boosts and global boosts. We strive to keep an RPG yet quick pace so people can feel like the end goals of rebirthing arent impossible to reach. We are always open to feedback and suggestions regarding this, but we hope the concept of keeping things capped pretty low while allowing boosts, global boosts and item enhancements to smooth out the overall flow of things.

[Magical Quests]
Every single quest in the game now has a chance to roll magical items! That's right, even small quests like the battle axe quest are included!
We hope this change makes questing a more enjoyable process overall with the excitement of never truly knowing what you'll get!
The current rates/chances are as follows: 80% for common, 50% for uncommon, 20% for rare, 5% for epic.

[Battle List/Stack Patch]
Before the patch, when 10+ players/monsters were on one tile there were display issues that would arise.
Not only that, the default cipsoft client would crash for players who used that instead of our custom client.
Moving forward, all issues are resolved when it comes to both clients. Visual problems on the custom client function properly while also allowing increased battle list viewing for 10 or more people on a tile. On the default cipsoft client you will no longer experience any issues, however the limit of one tiles monsters/players showing in battle list is limited to 10 as that is the clients limitations.

[Quality of Life Patches]
-Market System now uses Advertising channel, exhaust time has also been reduced to 10 seconds.
-Weekly Boss timers have been adjusted from 4 hours to 6 hours.
-Brotherhood/Nightmare Final Levers now allow repulls for addons/diamonds.
-Added signet ring/ring of luck on the top floor of the Ice Witch tower during Secret Service.
-The King now responds to the keyword "farmine" during the quest.
-NPCs around Thais Depot/Basement have been updated with Titles to match their jobs.
-The Annihilator Quest is now allowed to be repeated so higher level players can help new players.
-Extra Rewards have been removed from Secret Service quest, you will now only receive the item you are presuing.
18/03/2024 -
[Mar 18th - Weekly Monday Patch]

Thank you...
[Mar 18th - Weekly Monday Patch]

Thank you to everyone for another wonderful week, we have plenty of updates to share with you for the Monday Patch!

[Knights Balancing]
Many additions have been made to Knights this week in efforts to make them a more admirable class for those looking to hack and slash their way to the top! We want to encourage more meat shields to throw themselves out in front of those pesky bosses knowing we are on their side.

Check out the list below for details on the changes so far:
-Using 1H + Shield receives a 15% Protection Bonus.
-Using a 2H Weapon gives an extra 15% Damage in PvE.
-Scaled exana mort with level/magic level to feel more effective/sustainable during hunts.
(At level 267 with Magic Level 13; I was effectively healing on average 100 more health!)

[New Cure Spells]
We have listened to your feedback and have added the following spells for all vocations above level 30.
New Spells: Exana Morta (Cure Curse) and Exana Kor (Cure Bleeding).

[Event Rewards / Multiclients]
Moving forward multiclients will no longer be allowed to enter into events.
Population is already low and to allow multiclients only makes it harder for people trying to enjoy the server if someone joins Zombies with 2+ characters for example.
To encourage players to start participating in events even though there may not be enough players to start, we have began rewarding players for waiting. If you have waited in the event and it fails to start you will now be rewarded 2x blazera tokens, go spin the magical roulette in the Casino using those tokens for a chance at even higher compensation.

[New Real Tibia Additions]
Players have started to request the expansion of some Real Tibia spawns and we have listened!
Edron Old Fort is now available in all its glory, boasting only 1 minute for respawn times on all monsters inside.
Edron Grimvale Werebears + Wereboars are also now available by traveling with Cornell, spawn times are also 1 minute.
These two new spawns with quick spawn timers will definitely have a waiting list as players start their journeys and are looking for some quick levels!

[Elerium Spawns]
Over 15 spawns have been expanded and updated with creatures! A once peaceful island is now roaming with evils! Including spawns like Black Knight Tower, Warlocks, Dragon Lords, Behemoths, Giant Spiders, Bog Raiders, Necromancers and so much more! Expect some friendly chest rewards to be added soon into deeper areas/spawns for you to get a little extra bounty while exploring!

[Rebirth Shop]
From now on when rebirthing players will receive Rebirth Points. You can use these points with the Rebirth Oracle to purchase special items! For each rebirth you receive 50 Points and for each rebirth after an additional 50 Points. For example, for 3 rebirths you will receive 150 points to spend!
Rebirth Shop Items:
Orb of Enchantment (50 points), Magic Find Box (150 points), Lucky Clover Amulet (250 points).

[Rebirth Smelting]
To reward you for your efforts you will no longer have to run the magical dungeons to access high tier smelting stands! Find yourself with rare, epic and legendary smelting hammers right off to the side of the boat.

[Rebirth Offline Training]
Ontop of other new benefits for rebirthed players, we wanted to include a special feature as well. You will now have access up to 24 hours of Offline Training by using the statues on the Rebirth Boat. Training rates aren't super fast but are definitely noticeable for being offline, we hope you enjoy!

[Rebirth Spawns]
We have started to implement rebirth spawns, with our first one featuring a massive dragon lord lair. This spawn scales multiple floors/levels spanning a wide area to allow for an awesome upgrade from crowded global hunts! You can find this spawn by entering the portal on the main deck of Rebirth Islands Boat.

[Golden Falcon]
This new falcon will take you to your home city and has unlimited uses! It can be enchanted to change the destination and even has a chance to pick Your House or Teleport Room.
You can find this item in the Goblin Shop at Thais Casino or purchase it directly from the web shop.

[Return Teleport Price Reduction]
For those of you earning your quest points, another benefit has come to you! From now on when you use a return portal it will remove up to 1,000 gold coins based on your quest points. If you start earning quest points before it becomes priced at level 120 it will greatly decrease the price before it starts rising higher with levels.

[Death Log Messages]
Information in Death Logs will now display if the player who died had blessings and how much experience was lost. In the event that the killer has a white skull or red skull that will also be shown, along with all the killers levels. You'll also be able to see any unfair fight reduction information that took place.

[Boosts Rework]
All boosts have now been organized under one system that allows us to easily modify and add new boosts in the future. It also has restructured things to allow the stacking of all of the boosts together where as before, only certain ones were able to stack. Please note that any previous boosts were cleared to make way for this restructure. You are able to see all of your current boosts by sayings !boosts

[Daily Free Boost]
A new friend has joined the party in Thais Basement, you can talk to Hero Booster to access a free daily boost of your choice from experience, magic, skills and loot! The boost is granted immediately upon request, say !boosts to see time remaining.

[Quick Fixes/Adjustments]
-Magic Walls & Wild Growths vary in times and show casters name/time.
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Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Accounts: 371 • Players: 625 • Guilds: 9 • Wars: 0
DownloadsServer InfoF.A.QCustom Client
Please download our custom client for a better experience.
Blazera Player Spotlight


Quest Points: (354)
Reborn Legend

Pick Me Up

Rebirths: (1)
Bounty Hunter


Frags: (26)
Grim Reaper


Deaths: (105)


XP: (206.47M)

Pick Me Up

Time: (60d 20h)
Most Powerful Guilds on Blazera

Botters Anonymous
13 kills

5 kills

1 kills
Blazera Server Trailer

[Blazera Real Map 8.6 - Starters Information]

Full 8.6 Real Map w/ Roshamuul + New Items
Full quests with missions - completing quests unlocks Boss Rooms featuring new creatures from up to client 13x! Areas like Roshamuul are also available with proper inhabitant creatures + loot tables. Blazera prides itself to be as close to Real Tibia as possible in 8.6 while also introducing the updates we feel should be in the game.
Magic Find, Magical Item Attributes & Crafting

Each character has a magic find chance that increases as you level, when a monster drops equipment items they can be found with up to 44 new attributes including life/mana steal, elemental strikes, multi-shot, critical/dodge & many more! You are also able to smelt items from valuable gems or salvage magical items for dust to build new ones in the crafting system. Bosses are also great way to earn dust, gems and orbs of enchantment!

Dungeons & Team Finder
We offer a unique dungeon system using a team finder and queue for you to enjoy hunts with other players. Either use !dungeon to access them by quick access window selection or enter the teleport in Thais Depot. Rewards are repeatable once every 24 hours or you can earn a second reward before the cooldown is over by using a dungeon token. Some dungeons are locked by dungeon keys which are obtained through bosses/events.

Daily Tasks & Task Shop
We offer three daily tasks that include • Completing Activities • Monster Killing • Creature Product Collection. Completing these tasks will earn you experience, gold coins, experience boosts and points that can be used in the Task Shop.
Login Reward System
Every day you log in, over the course of 28 days you will receive a new reward. If you fail to login for 24 hours, the prizes will restart at Day 1. Complete the prize list by logging in everyday to earn some truly legendary rewards! wink wink

Rebirth/Prestige with Character Benefits
Once reaching level 300, players can visit the Oracle of Rebirth to be reborn. You will be set back to level 8 while keeping your skills and items. Each rebirth will add 1% health, mana and damage to your character and unlock access to rebirth island.

Dynamic Boss Rewards Container
When killing certain bosses as a team, each player will receive their own unique loot which can be found in the "Reward Chest" inside your depot or by looting the creature after the fight. Certain items will be flagged as unique with only 1 participant receiving the reward.

Boss Arenas & Monster Eggs
While hunting you will find special eggs that spawn RARE bosses, when you find one of these eggs it will be labeled by its rarity and allow you to spawn a boss of that type in the Boss Arenas. You can also rent a private arena for 15 Blazera tokens to ensure no one interrupts your fight.
Events & Mini-Games
Events like Team Death Match, Safe Zone, Fire Storm & Zombies run every hour on the hour while Mini-Events like Trivia & Fastest Fingers run every 20 to 40 minutes. By participating you earn Blazera Tokens which can be used to purchase exclusive rewards. If you feel lucky, you can also spend them in our casino that offers: Black Jack, Dice, Beat The Dealer, Wheel of Fortune & Slot Machines.
No P2W & No VIP Items
All web shop items are non-edited real tibia items and can be earned by quests, won through events, dropped by bosses or purchased with Blazera Tokens. Every single item is available in-game!
Server opens February 9th @ 5PM EST
Dont miss out on the adventure - stay on the look out in our discord for promo-keys!

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players: 17
Uptime: 17h 37m