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Status: Online
Players Online: 19 Players Online
Online Record: 33 players (on May 23 2022, 19:36:19 EDT)
Creation Date: July 24th, 2020
Location: USA
PvP Type: Open PvP
Server Save: 5AM EST [5 Minute Warning]

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# Name  [sort] Guild   [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation  [sort]
us Blaze
254 VIP Royal Paladin
pt Bolt49 Elite Knight
us Boomer
Active Players
249 VIP Master Sorcerer
br Dader
286 Royal Paladin
br Druid Bons
329 VIP Elder Druid
mx Enfermo Terminal
324 VIP Royal Paladin
pl Fidi
Active Players
287 Elite Knight
pl Fini
Active Players
294 Master Sorcerer
us Frodo Baggins 82 VIP Elite Knight
pl Kalioonek25 Elite Knight
unknown Opalao198 Royal Paladin
us Podge 249 VIP Royal Paladin
us Pudgy 146 VIP Elder Druid
ca Pyro
272 VIP Master Sorcerer
br Rivao Strike95 Elder Druid
unknown Seu Pai30 Master Sorcerer
mx Snayder
308 VIP Elite Knight
us The Cronic
252 VIP Master Sorcerer
pl Woodie
Active Players
116 Royal Paladin

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