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Blazera Information
Welcome to Blazera Real Map,
We have been running the server since July 2020, during our two-year anniversay we launched Blazera Seasons! With new systems including: Magical Items, Offline Market, Mini-Bosses, Monster Levels, Mana/Life Steal. We have made it possible for 8.6 to feel nostalgic but also brand new and revived. Read about our systems below and also visit the Server Information page to learn even more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-roll magical items with Orbs of Enchantment?

Yes! Even if your item is already magical, you can re-roll it.
Items have a chance to both downgrade and upgrade when rolling.
This means your Legendary item can re-roll into a common; so use your orbs wisely!

Why is the experience so low after Level 300?

With systems like Monster Levels, Mini-Bosses, Daily Boosted Creatures that grant XP Buffes to creatures and Magical Items being able to drop with XP Bonus there are lots of ways to increase the final XP Stage.

Why do monster have levels? Dragon[L.100]

Monsters spawn with a randomized level based on their health values.
Hunting monsters that are higher level than you yields an XP Bonus.
For each level the monster will also gain 2 XP added to its base amount.

If you are level 50 and kill a level 100 dragon, you will receive experience based on your level difference.
In this example you have a level difference of 50. You will receive [50 x ExpBonusAmount].
By default, the Level Difference XP Bonus is 15xp.

In addition, for each level the monster will also gain an extra 2xp added to its base experience.
A Dragon[L.100] would spawn with 700 base experience + 200 Bonus Experience [700 + (2 x 100)]
[Outcome] 900 total experience would be earned + players level difference.

You can also turn off the level display on names using the talkaction: !togglemonsterlevels or /togglemonsterlevels

What does [MB] and Skulls mean on monsters?

Mini-Bosses spawn randomly in the wild. They have increased Damage, Experience & Loot.
The skulls next to the monster help you easily tell how difficult the creature will be to fight.

Green Skull = 20%, Yellow Skull = 40%, White Skull = 60%, Red Skull = 80%, Black Skull = 200%.

Can I loot magical items from quests too?

Yes. Most of the major quests like Inquisition, Anni, Pits of Inferno, Svargrond Arena have a 20% chance to give you a magical reward.

How does the lottery system work?

Every 2 hours the lottery picks a random player to recieve a random reward.
Prize Table: • 100x gold coins • 50x platinum coins • 50 mana potions • 50 health potions • 100x bolts • 100x power bolts • platinum amulet • hat of the mad • devil helmet • crown helmet • warrior helmet • crusader helmet • mystic turban • plate armor • knight armor • dark armor • belted cape • knight armor • spirit cloak • focus cape • blue robe • knight legs • guardian shield • dragon shield • bonelord shield • dwarven shield • tower shield • wand of inferno • wand of starstorm • wand of draconia • wand of voodoo • hailstorm rod • underworld rod • northwind rod • springsprout rod • serpent sword • fire sword • fire axe • skull staff • pirate boots • fur boots • boots of haste • crocodile boots • stealth ring • time ring • ring of healing.
The Equipment Items have a 25% chance to be magical.

Can I earn VIP Items in-game?

Yes. You can loot VIP gear from all major bosses like Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran.
You can also earn Blazera Tokens and buy VIP items from the NPC located in Thais Casino [Token Exchange].

Can I earn Premium Points in-game?

Yes! You can earn 30 Premium Points at Level 250 and 50 Premium Points at Level 350! Rewards
You can also earn points for being in an active guild. Check Guild Points

What are the benefits of VIP?

-Access to VIP Town (more houses + quests will be added soon).
-50% XP Boost.
-VIP Badges/Decorations on Website.

How do you Smelt Magical Items?

If you find a legendary gem, you can use the smelting hammer in Thais Temple [top floor] to mold your items into new tiers.
For example if you find a Legendary Gem, you can use the legendary smelting hammer on a piece of equipment to turn it into a legendary magical item.

What is Daily Boosted Creatures?

Every day at server save [3AM EST], the daily boosted monster will change from a specified list of monsters.
When killing these monsters you will receive an XP & Loot Bonus.

What is the Offline Item Market?

You can easily sell your regular & magical items on the Market automatically and safetly.
List any item for in-game currency, premium points, orbs of enchantment, server tokens or any other item you prefer to trade for.

How do I Salvage Magical Items?

After looting magical items, you can salvage them for Magical Dust.
Bring your items to Thais Library (Top Floor) and use the lever to destroy magical items into dust.
With 100 Magical Dust you can talk to the NPC behind the counter to trade for Orbs of Enchantment.

What is the Magic Find Bonus?

When you kill a monster you can loot rare versions of normal items.
There is a chance that a piece of equipment can gain magical tier bonus.
You can consume magic find boxes and wear an amulet of luck to help your chances.
Say !mf in-game to check your current magic find bonus.
[Tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary]

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