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Blazera Information
Welcome to Blazera Real Map,
We have been running Blazera for over ten years! In 2020 we upgraded our server engines and started making numerous changes to the dynamics of the game. We also included a new custom client that features the original Tibia Layout along with the old school Flash Layout! With the changes we have made we strive to make the 8.6 era feel nostalgic but also brand new and revived. Read about our systems below and also visit the Server Information page to learn even more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What are Quest Points and how are they useful?

Quest Points are earned by completing any of the 190+ quests in the game. For example, completing The Traveling Trader Quest will grant you 10 points. These points grant rewards as they build up! You can talk to [Guide] Blazerian in Thais Depot to find out about your points and rewards. The first rewards earned start at 15 quest points for 30,000gp and go all the way to 1,000,000gp as you advance to 300 quest points.

You will also start to earn more money from quick trading with Nahlesar in Thais Depot depending on the amount of points you have. Starting at the default 80% trade prices compared to quest npcs, you can increase the sell prices all the way up to 120% earning you 20% more from quick trading compared to standard quest npcs!

Quest Point Benefits:
Access to Special Bosses, Increased Sell Prices from Djinn, Decreased Return Costs on Portal Return, Extra Magic Find & more!

What are the details and benefits of Rebirth?

Rebirth lets you refresh your characters level progress upon reaching Level 300 for special benefits.
You will keep your items/skills only your level & health/mana points will be adjusted to match Level 8.
Every time moving forward will require an additional 15 levels. (3 Rebirths need Level 345)

Rebirth Benefits:
-You will earn 2% extra damage and 1% extra health/mana points for each time you are reborn.
-You will be granted 50 Rebirth Shop Points * Amount of Rebirths to spend freely upon rebirth.
-You will be able to access Rebirth Island after your first rebirth which features new spawns and quests.
-You will be able to use Offline Training on Rebirth Island, lasting up to 24 hours per training session.
-You will have quick access to rare, epic, legendary smelting stations.

Rebirth Shop Items:
Orb of Enchantment (50 points), Magic Find Box (150 points), Lucky Clover Amulet (250 points).

How do the spawn/boss teleports work?

Using the teleporters are free up until level 120, after that it will begin costing 500 gold coins per use.
You will also pay an extra 50gp per level above 120, up to a maximum of 10,000gp.
After level 120 you are encouraged to start fighting bosses and completing events to earn teleport runes.

How do the teleport runes work?

Teleport Runes allow you to return to Thais Temple from your spawn as long as you are not in combat.
After visiting home you can return back to your spawn through the teleport on the right side of Thais Temple.
These runes are not infinite and can be purchased from the web shop or greedy goblin in-game.

Do I earn any rewards while I level up my character?

Yes! Depending on your vocation you are rewarded with supplies, money and weapons. You will earn around 100,000gp, a dedicated weapon based on your most skilled category and suitable shield/spellbook! You can find a full list of the rewards by clicking here.

Are all runes/spears/bolts/arrows/potions infinite?

Yes. Except potions, ultimate healing runes and intense healing runes.

Are there any adjustments made to Knights?

Yes. Find a list of changes below:
  • Overall damage has been increased by 10%.
  • Exana Mort's Formulas scales better based level.
  • Using a weapon and shield will increase protection by 15%.
  • Using a two handed weapon will increase damage output by 15% in PvE Combat.

Why is the experience so low after Level 300?

Systems including but not limited to: Monster Levels, Mini-Bosses, Daily Boosted Creatures, Defeating Monster Egg Bosses, Win or Lose in Team Death Match Event and World Event Bonuses all grant XP Buffs.
Magical Items are also able to drop with XP Bonus that can be stacked up to the limit.
You are also able to earn XP Bonus Timers by completing Shaman Daily Tasks while also being able to purchase them for gold coins at Boosted Dan, both npcs are located in Thais Depot Basement. With all this being said, there are lots of ways to increase the final XP Stage.

How does the lottery system work?

Every hour the lottery picks a random player to recieve a random reward.
Prize Table: • 100x gold coins • 50x platinum coins • 50 mana potions • 50 health potions • 100x bolts • 100x power bolts • platinum amulet • hat of the mad • devil helmet • crown helmet • warrior helmet • crusader helmet • mystic turban • plate armor • knight armor • dark armor • belted cape • knight armor • spirit cloak • focus cape • blue robe • knight legs • guardian shield • dragon shield • bonelord shield • dwarven shield • tower shield • wand of inferno • wand of starstorm • wand of draconia • wand of voodoo • hailstorm rod • underworld rod • northwind rod • springsprout rod • serpent sword • fire sword • fire axe • skull staff • pirate boots • fur boots • boots of haste • crocodile boots • stealth ring • time ring • ring of healing.
The Equipment Items have a 25% chance to be magical.

Can I earn items from the Web Shop in-game?

Yes. You can loot/earn every shop item ingame either through quests or by killing Quest Point/Monster Egg Bosses while also being able to earn Orbs of Enchantment by salvaging magical items. You can also earn Blazera Tokens and buy shop items from the NPC located in Thais Casino [Token Exchange].

What are Daily Boosted Creatures and what are the benefits?

Every day at server save, the daily boosted monsters will change/update. They are chosen from three specified lists of monsters; easy, medium and hard. One monster from each of the lists will be chosen each day, when killing these monsters you will receive an XP & Loot Bonus. Three Bosses are also boosted daily, the list includes Monster Eggs and Quest Point Bosses.

22:32 Today's boosted monsters are rat, banshee and hellfire fighter.
22:32 Today's boosted bosses are smaug, ancient spawn of morgathla and common boss.
22:32 Boosted creatures yield more experience points and carry more loot than usual.

What is the Offline Item Market?

You can easily sell or buy regular & magical items on the Market automatically and safetly.
List any item for in-game currency, premium points, orbs of enchantment, blazera tokens or any other item you prefer to trade for. Find out more about it here.

What are Daily Rewards?

By logging in once every 24 hours you can complete a storage check that cycles through 28 days of rewards. The rewards that are offered range from supplies, gold coins, magical gems and orbs to experience, skill and loot booster items! You can also claim rewards by saying !dailyreward and find a full list of the rewards by clicking here.

Are there any custom spawns or quests?

Yes! The entire island of Elerium is filled with new spawns and quests for you to explore.
We have also customized areas of the real map to make it feel fresh in numerous different spots.

Magical & Crafting System

Can I create magical items with Orbs of Enchantment?

Yes! Even if your item is already magical/legendary, you can use your orb on it!
Items have a chance to both downgrade and upgrade when rolling.
This means your Legendary item can re-roll into a common; chances are lower but still possible.
Orbs of Enchantment have a guaranteed chance to roll two slots every time.

How do you Smelt Magical Items?

You can use the smelting hammers in Xodet's Magic Shop [top floor] to mold your items into magical tiers based on the gem you bring. For example, if you find a Common Gem, you can use the Common Smelting Hammer on a piece of equipment to turn it into a legendary magical item.

You can only find common/uncommon smelting stations in town. You must find the rare, epic, legendary dungeons out in the open world to gain access to the other smelting station tiers.

How do I Salvage Magical Items?

After looting magical items, you can salvage them for Magical Dust.
Bring your items to Xodets Magic Shop (Top Floor) and use the lever to destroy magical items into dust.
With 100 Magical Dust you can talk to the Orb Changer NPC to trade for Orbs of Enchantment.

What is the Magic Find Bonus?

Magic Find increases your chance to find magical items while hunting monsters. You can consume magic find boxes and wear an amulet of luck to help your chances. You also earn magic find for earning quest points and leveling up. Say !mf in-game to check your current magic find bonus.
[Tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary]

What are Item Levels?

Item levels are required for crafting items into magical tiers. For example, to create a legendary item at the crafting station you will need to bring the correct amount of magical dust and an item of level 100 or above.

What Trinkets are available?

Right now we have allowed the use of Frozen Starlight to be an "extra slot" attribute item.
We also allow the Jungle Quiver to become magical as it uses the same slot as the trinket items.

Can I loot magical items from quests too?

Yes. Most of the major quests like Inquisition, Anni, Pits of Inferno, Svargrond Arena have a 20% chance to give you a magical reward.

What is the Mythical Tier?

This end game tier is only available by salvaging dust and crafting. Your item must be level 200 to be able to turn it Mythical. Mythical Items carry the same values as Legendary items with one major difference: THREE SLOTS! Create sets that help push the limits with 3 slots that have legendary properties!

Mini-Bosses, Magical Creatures, Quest Bosses and Monster Eggs

What do Quest Point Bosses offer?

Each set of quest point bosses has a specific loot pool that includes rare end game items.
They also offer a standard loot pool of rare items, magical items, supplies, and cash.
You can find signs/tables displaying the items that can be earned from each set of bosses.
Each tier of Quest Bosses comes with 3 different bosses to choose from with a total of 18 different bosses to fight.
As you progress through each set of bosses they will become more difficult but also have higher chances to drop items.

What are Monster Eggs and Monster Egg Bosses?

You can find these eggs while hunting monsters while your stamina is above 38 hours.
With the eggs you loot, you can summon the egg bosses in Thais Depot, where there’s a teleport called “BOSSES” near the stairs. Here, you can choose by killing your eggs on the open areas, or the private areas.
The private areas have a cost, which is 10 blazera tokens per 30 minutes.
Every person inside your party can enter the room.

Each boss tier progressively gets stronger while also offer more loot and experience.
Monster Egg Bosses can also drop Quest Point Boss Loot.
Starting from Common Boss with the 30 Point Loot Table to Legendary Boss for the 160 Point Loot Tables.
You will also be granted an XP Bonus for 1 hour upon defeating any of the monster egg bosses.
The amount of XP bonus depends on the tier of boss you kill.

What are minibosses and what do the skulls mean on them?

Mini-Bosses spawn randomly in the wild. They have increased Damage, Experience & Loot.
The skulls next to the monster help you easily tell how difficult the creature will be to fight.

Green Skull = 5%, Yellow Skull = 15%, White Skull = 25%, Red Skull = 50%, Black Skull = 100%.

What is the purpose of monster levels? Example: Dragon[L.100] (You see a level 100 dragon.)

Monsters spawn with a randomized level based on their health values.
Hunting monsters that are higher level than you yields an XP Bonus.
For each level the monster will also gain 2 XP added to its base amount.

If you are level 50 and kill a level 100 dragon, you will receive experience based on your level difference.
In this example you have a level difference of 50. You will receive [50 x ExpBonusAmount].
By default, the Level Difference XP Bonus is 15xp.

In addition, for each level the monster will also gain an extra 2xp added to its base experience.
A Dragon[L.100] would spawn with 700 base experience + 200 Bonus Experience [700 + (2 x 100)]
[Outcome] 900 total experience would be earned + players level difference.

You can also turn on or off the level display on names using the talkaction: !togglemonsterlevels on/off or /togglemonsterlevels on/off

What are Magical Monsters and their benefits?

While hunting monsters that have 1000 health points or more, you may encounter a "shiny" version of the creature. Depending on the shader/outline of the creature tells you which rarity it is, common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary. When defeating these magical creatures you are guaranteed a magical item of that tier if the monsters loot dropped allows for it. Meaning if you defeat a legendary dragon lord and it drops a dragon scale mail, that armor will be legendary.

Player vs Player / Unfair Fight Reduction / Private Wars and Tournaments

Whats the new talkaction to display more PvP details?

Use the talkaction !pvp to display the following information.

19:13 Your current red skull will last for 11 hours, 40 minutes, 36 seconds.
19:13 You can earn up to 25,000,000 experience points from PvP until next server save. Since last server save you have earned a total of 772,230 experience points.
19:13 Your current level range for experience is 108 to 144, you will not earn experience from players outside that range.
19:13 You can earn a maximum of 5,000,000 experience points from a player at your level.
19:13 Under current conditions, unfair fight reduction will not be applied on death.
19:13 You are currently protected by all blessings.

How many frags until Red Skull and Unjustified Killing Banishment?

When reaching 3 unjustified frags you will become Red Skull.
After 6 unjustified kills you will be banished for 48 hours.
Red Skull will lasts until your !kills counter reaches 0.
You can also get more detailed information by using !pvp in-game.

How does low level protection and adventures blessings work?

You can not participate in PvP encounters until Level 60.
You will be protected by adventurers blessings until Level 100.
If you die while skulled during this time, you will not be granted adventurers blessings!

How long does white skull timer last?

Your white skull will last 10 minutes from the time of the frag/death.

How long does a frag last?

One frag lasts 8 hours, at 3 frags your red skull would last 24 hours.

Do I earn experience from participating in player vs player?

Yes, you can earn a limited amount of XP based on the players lost experience without blessings.
You will only earn experience if they are 20% above or 10% below based on your level.
Example: Level 500 will earn XP from players up to Level 600 and down to Level 450.
You will earn 5% less experience each time you kill the same player.
You will stop earning experience from the same player if you kill them 5 times or earn a configured amount of XP from them until next server save.
You will not earn experience from party members.
If monsters are the top damage, you will recieve experience based on your damage.
Use the !pvp talkaction in-game for more details regarding our system dynamics.

How does Unfair Fight Reduction work?

With this system actively monitoring each situation you can rest easy knowing that our server will automatically protect you in unfair fights. If your attacker is a higher level than you, depending on the amount your level, skill and item loss will be reduced up to 80%. This means at level 60, if you die to a level 170 then you will receive 65.71% unfair fight reduction and only lose around 18,500 experience points. This also applies to fights where you are outnumbered, the overall level of all attackers will be accounted for.
You can even use the talkaction !pvp while in a fight to see what your current unfair fight reduction is!

Is there a way to remove frag time/red skull?

The only way to earn a frag remover is by completing the Death Task located in Thais Depot Basement. You may only use this item once every 48 hours. Keep in mind, we also offer hourly PvP Events and Private Guild Battles that let you fight without restrictions.

What is Private Guild Wars?

Private Guild War Battles allow teams to take their fight into a private arenas where you can modify the match settings to be as you see fit. Choose from different maps, times and maximum allowed players while also having the option to disable: Stone Skin Amulets, Might Rings, Area Spells and/or Area Runes. As a bonus, you can also choose to disable XP/Item Loss during the war, these effects will only take place while inside the arena; when taking the battle outside you will die normally.

Current map selections are remakes of Dust2 and Italy from CS:GO, one that feels similar to ARAM from League of Legends and of course Edron and other classics from Real Tibia.

Does Blazera host PvP Tournaments?

Yes we do, usually when we host a tournament we will also offer Cash Prizes and Premium Point Rewards! The battles will take place in private arenas with loss disabled. You will face head to head against other teams until only one remains, all top teams will be rewarded for their efforts. In most cases, all participants recieve some form of gratitude for their time.

What is the purpose of the stuffed bunny of death?

Your last death loss is always logged in our system, using this bunny allows you to reclaim 60% of your lost experience. After using the item you will need to log another death before being able to use it again.

Events / World Events / Mini Games / Casino

What does the Greedy Goblin offer?

The Greedy Goblin sells shop items, experience boosts, quest items, outfits, mounts, cosmetics for Blazera Tokens.
Located in Thais Casino on the second floor, use your Blazera Tokens earned from events/activities to claim rewards.

What are Blazera Tokens?

You gain these by competing in hourly events and defeating shadow portals. You can purchase equipment, weapons, decoration, experience boosts, monster outfits from Greedy Goblin. You can also use them to gamble in The Blazera Casino for a chance to win big!

You see a blazera token. It weighs 0.05 oz. This currency is used in Thais Casino to play games and redeem rewards.

What games are available at the Casino?

The Blazera Casino gives players ways to gamble Blazera Tokens with a chance to win huge jackpots! You can find fun games such as Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Dice, Beat the Dealer, Magical Roulette, Scratch Tickets and many more! Are you feeling lucky?

Can I start events manually?

Of course you can, dont be silly! Visit Event Creator in Thais Depot Basement and bring him some golden nuggets and crystal coins! He can start Firestorm, Safezone and Zombies for a small cost! You can only start an event if the hourly event isnt starting soon. You will also have to wait until the event/time limit for the hourly event finishes before starting a new one.

What are World Events and how do they effect the global XP/Skill/Loot Rates?

When the server reboots after server save, all world bonus points will start/refresh at 0. There are 3 bonus types: experience, skills, and loot.

To activate a global bonus through the world event, you need to defeat shadow portals before they steal the energy from the world. Upon defeat, you will grant 10 points for that bonus type based on the portal. If the portal successfully steals the worlds energy, then 10 points will be reduced from that bonus type.

Currently there are: Purple Shadow Portal (Experience), Red Shadow Portal (Skills), Green Shadow Portal (Loot).

When reaching 60 points, the bonus becomes active; however, only 1 bonus can be active at a time before reaching 100. This means if experience is at 80 points with skills at 60 and loot at 70, then only the highest value will be active.
If loot reaches 80 while experience is already at 80 points, it will not become active until it passes the current point leader. Only when reaching the maximum/cap of 100 points can multiple bonuses be active. If loot is 100 while experience is already 100, loot will also become active as a multi-bonus.

You can also manually spawn portals to help fight for more world experience points by spending 750k when pulling the lever in the tower. The lever has a 35% chance to fail; in this case, it will remove 1/5th the cost of spawning the portal.

What Mini-Games are currently available?

Every 30-45 minutes you have access to 2 different mini-games. Our first is a fast finger event where you are tasked with retyping a string of characters before anyone else. First to enter correctly wins a blazera token or one of many other prizes in the list.

20:51 [Mini-Event] The first one to say !ff m-1-4-e-k-L-s-6-A-c-v-o with no hyphens wins! You have 20 seconds - GO!
20:51 [Mini-Event]: Congratulations! Yoko won the [Fastest Fingers Event] with a time of 8 seconds. They were rewarded a dragon scale mail!

Our second mini-game is Trivia with over 1,000 questions pulled from the most popular trivia questions ranging from sports, history, entertainment and more!

20:51 [Mini-Event] Question: What 3 Letter Word Is The Name Given To A Replayed Point In Tennis? - Hint: l**
20:51 [Mini-Event]: Congratulations! Nyxx won the [Trivia Event] with a time of 25 seconds. He was rewarded with a blazera token!

Does Team Death Match give XP Boosts?

Yes it does, for both winning or losing in this event you earn 1 hour of bonus experience boost.

Is there compensation for waiting and the event doesnt have enough players to start?

Yes. For waiting you will be compensated with Blazera Tokens for your time.

Are Multi-Clients allowed to enter Events?

No. It is against the rules and has been blocked by default. Anyone caught attempting to do so will be punished.

Daily Tasks and Activities

Champion Task - Earn Task Credits, Coins, Eggs

Champion is a NPC that asks you to complete tasks like playing bomberman, participating in events, gambling in the casino, exchanging items do magical dust, looting enchanted items, or selling items to a specific worth of coins. The tasks can be short, normal or long. When you finish it, it gives you credit and coins as a reward, and theres a possibility of giving monster eggs. When you finish it, you'll have to wait 20 hours to ask for another one, and if you decline it, you'll have to wait 6 hours to ask for another task.

Slayer Task - Earn Task Credits, Coins and XP

Slayer is a NPC that gives you killing tasks. You can choose between easy, medium, hard and custom related to the difficulty, and short, normal or long tasks related to the quantity. When you finish it, you can come back to the NPC and collect a reward. That reward is either money, store credit (to be used on this NPC) and experience. You’ll also get bonus store credit every time you finish a task, but the quantity will depend on whether you chose easy, normal or hard tasks. If you cancel a task, because you don’t want to kill a specific creature, you’ll only be able to get another task 2 hours later. On the other hand, when you successfully finish a task, it’ll take you 20 hours to get a new one.

Shaman Task - Earn Experience or Skill Boosts

Shaman is a NPC that gives you collecting tasks. You can choose between short, normal or long tasks. When you collect and deliver the items that the NPC asks you, you’ll receive a boost. It can be an experience booster, or a skill booster. For example, if you choose a long task, the boost will last 6 hours, if you choose a normal task, it will last 4 hours, and a short task will give you a 2 hours boost. Like the Task Slayer, it will also give you bonus store credit, which will also be bigger if you chose a hard task, instead of a normal or short one. You can cancel a task, because you don’t feel like collecting a specific item, but you’ll only be able to get a new one 4 hours later. When you successfully finish a task, it will take you 20 hours to get a new one.

Death Task - Earn Gold for Killing Players

Death is a NPC that gives you rewards for frags. You will be rewarded 1 Task Credit and 10 Crystal Coins for every 5 frags up until a maximum of 100 frags. If you get 100 frags you will receive a bonus Skull Remover. (Maximum 20 Credit, 2 Gold Nuggets). You will have 6 days, 6 hours and 6 minutes til you deliver the frag count, and get the reward.

Dungeon Hall & Open World Dungeons

How do Dungeon works?

You can access common dungeons through the Dungeon Hall in Thais Depot or by using the !dungeon talkaction command. To find rare, epic, and legendary dungeons you need to venture out into the world.
Dungeons are private adventures that automatically spawn monsters and bosses for you to defeat.
Each dungeon has a set of rewards that can be earned ranging from experience, items, gold coins, outfits, mounts, and cosmetics.

How do I join or leave a Dungeon?

Use the command: !dungeon, this will bring up a window where you can select from the common dungeons.
Select which dungeon you would like and then click Join, you will be entered into the queue and it will be announced in-game for players who want to join. You may also activate this window while already inside a dungeon to leave the instance. For those on the stand client you can use: !dungeon leave

How do I view Dungeon Info/Rewards?

To view rewards of common dungeons you can use the !dungeon talkaction and select the dungeon you desire, then click the Info button.
This window will also display time between rewards and the timer remaining if you've already claimed rewards recently.

Where are the Open World Dungeons?

You can find the Rare Dungeon somewhere north/above Svargrond's Arenas, the Epic Dungeon somewhere outside Ankrahmun and the Legendary Dungeon somewhere near Raymond Striker.

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