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Ranking of Online Time

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7 Days Ago
6 Days Ago
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2 Days Ago
1 Day Ago
1. Danyelrune
207 Elder Druid
151h 15m21h 11m11h 36m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m13h 9m23h 59m9h 23m
2. Dannie Sky
163 Master Sorcerer
127h 59m0h 0m11h 25m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m11h 15m23h 59m9h 23m
3. Jaghetervadfanjagvill
110 Royal Paladin
137h 37m23h 59m23h 57m23h 59m22h 5m23h 14m0h 0m11h 0m9h 23m
4. Wafande
143 Knight
76h 21m1h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m18h 12m23h 47m23h 59m9h 23m
5. Arbejde To
160 Paladin
159h 54m19h 37m19h 39m23h 59m23h 59m17h 20m21h 58m23h 59m9h 23m
6. Wrath
199 Elite Knight
169h 29m23h 59m23h 56m23h 58m16h 20m23h 59m23h 58m23h 56m9h 23m
7. Flatearth
206 Elite Knight
103h 36m15h 46m15h 33m13h 5m12h 33m7h 33m5h 45m23h 58m9h 23m
8. Paladin
197 Royal Paladin
158h 5m18h 18m23h 26m23h 59m23h 58m23h 59m11h 3m23h 59m9h 23m
9. Envy
120 Master Sorcerer
93h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m23h 51m21h 35m14h 16m23h 55m9h 23m
10. Lust
173 Elder Druid
95h 7m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m13h 48m23h 59m23h 59m23h 58m9h 23m
11. Kerow
56 Paladin
12h 36m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m3h 13m9h 23m
12. Watermelon
256 Royal Paladin
176h 7m23h 59m23h 57m23h 58m22h 54m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m9h 22m
13. Pride
120 Royal Paladin
80h 53m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m11h 45m21h 34m14h 17m23h 55m9h 22m
14. Valeriux
162 Paladin
161h 17m23h 53m22h 17m23h 59m15h 34m23h 57m23h 57m18h 21m9h 19m
15. Pick Me Up
171 Royal Paladin
148h 27m23h 58m20h 45m6h 38m15h 50m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m9h 19m
16. Bajsmage
81 Master Sorcerer
30h 31m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m9h 16m11h 18m0h 45m9h 12m
17. Ofelia
169 Knight
141h 58m10h 58m18h 27m23h 58m17h 17m18h 0m20h 23m23h 59m8h 56m
18. Natalie
224 Elder Druid
143h 58m12h 56m18h 30m23h 59m17h 19m18h 1m20h 23m23h 59m8h 51m
19. Patricia
238 Royal Paladin
141h 9m10h 23m18h 25m23h 58m17h 15m18h 0m20h 23m23h 56m8h 49m
20. Oda
159 Royal Paladin
32h 13m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m13h 56m9h 52m8h 25m
21. Vibu
160 Royal Paladin
26h 58m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m8h 40m9h 53m8h 25m
22. Nool
160 Royal Paladin
32h 13m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m13h 55m9h 53m8h 25m
23. Amb
160 Royal Paladin
31h 59m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m13h 54m9h 55m8h 10m
24. Anthony Edwards
155 Master Sorcerer
140h 58m2h 30m23h 57m23h 59m23h 58m23h 58m10h 55m23h 59m7h 42m
25. Volver
144 Elite Knight
145h 58m10h 47m23h 57m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m7h 36m23h 59m7h 42m
26. Mac
225 Master Sorcerer
142h 43m17h 55m18h 58m18h 18m13h 31m23h 57m23h 52m20h 1m6h 11m
27. Pain Bytch
183 Knight
125h 49m3h 39m17h 6m17h 33m13h 30m23h 59m23h 51m20h 13m5h 58m
28. Pee Nut Buster
161 Paladin
33h 53m0h 0m1h 48m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m5h 57m20h 14m5h 54m
29. Fawk You
129 Sorcerer
5h 44m0h 0m0h 5m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m5h 39m
30. Hexenbiest
161 Paladin
101h 10m16h 42m11h 55m12h 22m18h 17m23h 59m12h 16m0h 0m5h 39m
31. Grape Drank
257 Elder Druid
171h 21m23h 59m23h 57m23h 58m22h 24m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m5h 6m
32. Oxy
238 Royal Paladin
158h 29m20h 54m23h 57m23h 58m16h 4m23h 59m23h 56m20h 55m4h 46m
33. Mlvler
225 Master Sorcerer
150h 13m18h 55m17h 29m23h 59m20h 15m20h 6m23h 54m20h 53m4h 42m
34. Mejfu
177 Sorcerer
10h 56m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 1m0h 0m0h 0m6h 25m4h 30m
35. Hex
187 Master Sorcerer
112h 8m21h 47m11h 43m16h 56m23h 59m23h 58m9h 30m0h 0m4h 15m
36. Curita
142 Druid
160h 27m16h 15m23h 57m23h 59m23h 59m20h 6m23h 58m23h 59m4h 14m
37. Mefju
168 Royal Paladin
7h 43m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m3h 46m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m3h 57m
38. Wafande's Bror
178 Master Sorcerer
57h 39m6h 58m0h 0m13h 11m10h 19m8h 3m5h 57m9h 23m3h 48m
39. Wafande's Fars Datter
154 Elite Knight
60h 22m9h 47m0h 0m11h 56m10h 20m8h 19m9h 7m7h 7m3h 46m
40. Brutus
84 Knight
3h 37m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m3h 37m
41. Red Kool Aid
258 Elder Druid
167h 37m23h 59m23h 57m23h 59m21h 27m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m2h 18m
42. Chicken Fried
246 Elite Knight
168h 11m23h 59m23h 57m23h 59m22h 2m23h 59m23h 59m23h 59m2h 17m
43. Prosit
156 Elite Knight
110h 30m23h 59m23h 57m23h 59m14h 37m15h 41m1h 59m4h 3m2h 15m
44. Willynilly
35 Elite Knight
2h 11m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m2h 11m
45. Chakoya Windcaller
185 Elder Druid
62h 26m12h 18m9h 12m0h 0m13h 22m14h 53m7h 37m2h 58m2h 6m
46. Kalle Kanin
193 Master Sorcerer
58h 29m0h 0m8h 14m23h 59m2h 59m6h 52m11h 22m2h 57m2h 6m
47. Time Keeper
15 Paladin
18h 22m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m16h 18m2h 4m
48. Pointy
99 Paladin
35h 26m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m2h 12m7h 12m23h 59m2h 3m
49. Silence
163 Master Sorcerer
22h 16m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 17m20h 59m1h 0m
50. Hellborn
105 Knight
20h 1m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m0h 0m19h 2m0h 59m
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