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The following tables shows the rewards your character will collect while progressing!

Vocation Rewards
Vocation Reward
Sorcerer 100x Mana Potions at Magic Level 5.
Wand of Decay at level 20
Wand of Cosmic Energy at level 35.
Druid 100x Mana Potions at Magic Level 5.
Necrotic Rod at level 20
Terra Rod at level 35.
Paladin 5x Royal Spears at level 20.
5x Enchanted Spears at level 35.
Crossbow + 100x Bolts when reaching 40 distance skill.
Knight Dragon Shield at level 30.
A wyvern fang, a knight axe or a dragon hammer when reaching 40 in selected skill.

Leveling Rewards
Level Reward
30 10,000 gold
40 20,000 gold
50 30,000 gold
75 50,000 gold
100 100,000 gold
300 Prestige System grants extra health, mana, capacity and magic find.
Find the prestige guild leader by entering the blue flame to the south in Thais Temple.
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