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Server Information
  • This is a fully functional real map server for client 8.6.
  • We are hosted 24/7 on a Dedicated Server located in Central USA.
  • All features from 8.6 plus new events, quests and areas to explore!
  • Details like Darashia Ghost Ship, Rashid in his RL locations are all active.
  • Compete in Boss Fights and receive a reward chest just like RL Tibia!
  • Loot Magical Items from all creatures [Diablo Styled - Rare, Epic, Legendary]
  • Earn Daily Rewards that include magical orbs, gems and boosters for XP/Skills/Loot!
  • Be rewarded while leveling up to make things easier with Leveling Rewards.
  • Complete quests to unlock rewards and bosses that drop magical orbs, gems and new items!
  • Monsters spawn with levels, hunting higher leveled creatures than you yields bonus XP.
  • Monsters spawn with skulls and act as Mini-Bosses with increased HP/DMG/Loot/XP.
  • Optimized for balanced PvP and fun PvE experiences like Bosses, Events, and World Events!
  • Houses will clear if the owner does not log in for 28 days. (Items sent to towns depot)
  • Shared Experience Bonus is 10% compared to 5% normally.
  • Learn even more about the server by visiting our FAQ Section.

  • Server Rates
    Experience Stages
    1-8 = 45x
    9-29 = 60x
    30-49 = 50x
    50-74 = 35x
    75-94 = 20x
    95-120 = 16x
    121-149 = 8x
    150-199 = 4x
    200-249 = 2x
    250-274 = 1x
    275-299 = 0.5x
    300+ = 0.3x
  • Daily Rewards offer XP/Skills/Loot Bonuses.
  • Magical Items can drop with EXP Boost!
  • Magic & Skill Rates
    Skill Rate: 12x
    Magic Rate: 6x
    Loot Rate: 2x
  • Limited Usage -> All Health & Mana Potions.
  • Infinite Usage -> All ammunition & spell runes except UH/IH.

  • Frag Limits (Protected until Level 100)
    Red Skull Black Skull
    3 Frags 6 Frags
  • Skulls will disappear when your !kills timer runs out.
  • Low Level Protection is enabled until Level 100 with unfair fight reduction enabled.
  • If you die while skulled, you will not be granted low level protection!
  • PVP-E w/ Skulls. [Gain XP when you kill players]
  • Frag Count decreases by 1 every 6 hours.

  • Server Talkaction Commands
  • !stats - Displays current stats gained from Magical Items.
  • !statslimit - Displays current stat limits for your vocations from Magical Items.
  • !togglemonsterlevels on/off - Enables and Disables monster names with levels.
  • !dailyreward - Claim your daily reward while logged in.
  • !dailyboosts - Shows your currently active boosts rewarded from daily rewards.
  • !dungeon - Shows the dungeon modal window to join dungeons and see information.
  • !market - Used for the offline market system.
  • !aol - Purchase an amulet of loss for 50,000gp. [PZ Required]
  • !buybp - Purchase a backpack from any location.
  • !bless - Purchase all five blessings for 36,000gp + 200gp per level above 100.
  • !cast on/off - Turns your live stream on and off.
  • !online - Displays the players online.
  • !serverinfo - Displays current experience and skill rates.
  • !uptime - Displays current online time in hours and minutes.
  • !kills - Displays timer for frags and number of unjustified kills.
  • !quest - Displays the quest tracker.
  • !achievements - Displays the achievements tracker.
  • !sellhouse - Sell your house to another player.
  • !leavehouse - Move out of your house.
  • !hunt - Place a bounty on another player with crystal coins or premium points as the bounty.
  • !huntinfo - Shows current bounties available.
  • !guild messagehere - Broadcast a message to all online guild members for 1,000gp
  • !war - Used to start wars between guilds and deposit money to guild bank.
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