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Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Accounts: 733
Players: 1091
Guilds: 14
Player Deaths: 5309
Dungeons Completed: 215
Market Offers: 730
Server Information
  • This is a fully functional real map server for client 8.6.
  • We are hosted 24/7 on a Dedicated Server located in Central USA.
  • All features from 8.6 plus new events, quests and areas to explore!
  • Details like Darashia Ghost Ship, Rashid in his RL locations are all active.
  • Compete in Boss Fights and receive a reward chest just like RL Tibia!
  • Loot Magical Items from all creatures [Diablo Styled - Rare, Epic, Legendary]
  • Earn Daily Rewards that include magical orbs, gems and boosters for XP/Skills/Loot!
  • Be rewarded while leveling up to make things easier with Leveling Rewards.
  • Complete quests to unlock rewards and bosses that drop magical orbs, gems and new items!
  • Monsters spawn with levels, hunting higher leveled creatures than you yields bonus XP.
  • Monsters spawn with skulls and act as Mini-Bosses with increased HP/DMG/Loot/XP.
  • Optimized for balanced PvP and fun PvE experiences like Bosses, Events, and World Events!
  • Monster Egg system allows players to find eggs which can spawn bosses.
  • Houses will clear if the owner does not log in for 28 days. (Items sent to towns depot)
  • Shared Experience Bonus is 10% compared to 5% normally.
  • Learn even more about the server by visiting our FAQ Section.

  • Server Rates
    Experience Stages
    Rook = 20x
    8-20 = 50x
    21-40 = 30x
    41-60 = 25x
    61-80 = 20x
    81-100 = 10x
    101-120 = 6x
    121-140 = 4x
    141-160 = 3x
    161-180 = 2x
    181-200 = 1.5x
    201-251 = 1x
    251-275 = 0.8x
    276-300 = 0.7x
    301-325 = 0.6x
    326-350 = 0.5x
    351-400 = 0.3x
    401-999 = 0.2x
  • Daily Rewards + Tasks offer XP/Skills/Loot Bonuses.
  • Magical Items can drop with up to 50% XP Boost!
  • Magic & Skill Rates
    Skill Rate: 12x
    Magic Rate: 6x
    Loot Rate: 2x
  • Limited Usage -> All Health & Mana Potions.
  • Infinite Usage -> All ammunition & spell runes except UH/IH.

  • Events & Server Activities
    An all out team vs team battle! You will be randomly assigned to a team and the first team to reach the frag limit will win. Players are automatically balanced to the same level and skills, you will also recieve items and supplies during the event.
    Zombie Run
    In this event you must avoid zombies and stay alive as long as possible!
    Safe Zone
    In this event, players will push each other and try to stand on the green safe zones to avoid being damaged.
    Fire Storm
    In this event, players will avoid being damaged by the incoming fire missiles, the last one to survive wins.
    Global Trivia
    When this mini-event runs you will be able to answer general trivia questions. The Trivia event has 10,000 questions and is being improved daily.
    Fastest Fingers
    When this mini-event runs you will have a limited amount of time to type the letters/numbers shown in proper order.
    Casino Games
    Thais Casino features slot machines, wheel of fortune, scratch cards, blackjack, beat the dealer and dice. Earn Blazera Tokens from winning casino games to purchase high-valued rewards, cosmetics and boosts.
    Weekly Boss
    Every 4 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday a boss will spawn in the Weekly Boss Room accessible from Thais Depot. Use the command !bosscheck to see if it is alive/the remaining time till spawn.
    Daily Tasks
    Select up to 3 daily tasks every 20 hours completing either server activities, monster killing or item collection. Each task completed earns points used to purchase rewards/boosts from the task master.

    PvP Limits & Restrictions
    Red Skull Black Skull
    3 Unjustified Frags 6 Unjustified Frags
  • Frags decrease by 1 every 6 hours, check in-game by saying !kills.

  • PvP Settings & Protection
  • Low Level Protection is enabled until Level 100 with unfair fight reduction enabled.
  • If you die while skulled, you will not be granted low level protection!
  • PVP-E w/ Skulls. [Gain experience from killing players]

  • Important Items and Currencies
    Blazera Token
    You can purchase equipment, weapons, decoration, experience boosts, monster outfits and more. You gain these by competing in hourly events or casino games.
    Gold Nuggets
    Used to enter Private Hunting Rooms for 10 minutes.
    Player Boosts
    You can gain additional experience, skills or loot when using these items for a limited time. Earned from daily rewards, tasks and events.
    Magical Box
    When using this magical box, you will gain 25% additional magic find. You can absorb luck from up to 10 magical boxes.

    Server Talkaction Commands
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    Players: 40
    Uptime: 13h 47m