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17/09/2023 -
[Sept 15th - 17th]
-Unjustified Window...
[Sept 15th - 17th]
-Unjustified Window will no longer causes messages to pop up in default, it now uses internal time functioning to display frag information.
-Cast System is 100% functional again on our custom client, due to recent updates it had issues but they should all be resolved now. We will soon be granting XP Bonus for casting as well, so stay tuned!
-Full Minimap added to custom client. No longer do you need to venture into dark caves with no map!
(Open %appdata% and open the BlazeraOT folder, delete minimap860 and reopen the client to download)
12/09/2023 -
[Sept 1st - Sept 12th]
-Rarity Shaders...
[Sept 1st - Sept 12th]
-Rarity Shaders now identify Magical Items in your inventory and container slots, as well you can notice them in monster corpses.
-The In-Game Shop button now displays the Blazera Shop which features everything available from the web store.
-Unjustified Points Window on the default layout now displays how many kills until red skull/black skull and the time remaining until your frags decrease.
-Server Activity Task [21 in Blackjack] has been patched and now functions properly.
-Server Activity Task [Boss Killer] has been patched and now functions properly.
-NPCs in Rookgaard that were reported should all be working properly again.
Please restart your client for the update to automatically take effect.
25/08/2023 -
[Aug 24th Change Log]
-Rebirth requirement...
[Aug 24th Change Log]
-Rebirth requirement level now scales by 15 with the amount of times youve reborn and caps out at a max of level 450.
-Nahlesar now also buys ALL of Rashids items at 50% rate for those who havent finished the quest. (177 items added)
25/08/2023 -
[Aug 23rd Change Log]
-New Automated Betting...
[Aug 23rd Change Log]
-New Automated Betting Levers have been enabled in Thais Depot Basement.
-Rashid now travels from each city between server saves.
14/08/2023 -
[Aug 14th Change Log]
-Greedy Goblin...
[Aug 14th Change Log]
-Greedy Goblin Casino/Event NPC has been added! He offers items, xp boosts and cosmetic rewards for your tokens.
(Currently we are allowing purchases to be made with Crystal Coins while we finalize the Blazera Token)

In further news, we will be introducing a new npc that offers rewards for completing server activities like salvaging magical items, competing in events, gambling in the casino and many other activies.
Get ready to have yet another new thing to do on a daily basis to earn task points! (Cooldown will be 20 hours)
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[Blazera is almost here!]
Blazera will be starting April 28th featuring brand new Dungeons & World Events with bosses waiting to taste your blood! Defeat them and earn exclusive new items ported in from the latest tibia updates.
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Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Last Person to Register: Kroonik, prepare for your adventure!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Druidest (Lv. 454). Congratulations!
Accounts: 888
Players: 1258
Guilds: 25
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