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06/05/2024 -
[May 6th - Weekly Monday Patch]

This week...
[May 6th - Weekly Monday Patch]

This week are happy to announce a huge expansion to our magical item system featuring many new attributes for you to find and build!
We are also proud to introduce vocation specific attributes that are specialized for that said class. Please read below to find out more.

Tiers & Attributes
Most of these new attributes can only be found on epic, legendary or mythical tiers! This means if you find a common tier item, it will never have a chance to receive the new attribute "Killing Blow" - more information will be posted on this shortly.

[Killing Blow]
When killing a monster or player, this attribute has a chance to activate and heal for 5% of the users max health.

[Discoverers Delight]
Increases the amount of gold found by a percentage.

[Adrenaline Rush]
When you receive damage while using this attribute you have a chance to gain a burst of movement speed for a short duration.

Reduces all area damage received by a percentage. Any damage that is not targeted directed to you is classified as area damage.

Increases the damage and healing of the character by a percentage and reduces that damage taken by half that percentage.
For instance, having 20% versatility increases all damage and healing done by 20% and reduces all damage taken by 10%.

[Vocational Mastery]
For each vocation this attribute effects them differently, for example: Knights will receive boosted physical damage output.
Paladins will receive boosted distance damage output, and Mages will receive boosted spell damage.

[Knights - Final Wish]
Upon death, this attribute has a chance to fully heal all party members to full health. This attribute can only be used by Knights.

[Paladin - Knock Back]
When inflicting damage to the opponent there is a chance to cause a knockback effect of 1 sqm. This attribute can only be used by Paladins.

[Druid - Freeze]
When inflicting damage to opponents there is a chance to cause a freeze effect which will cause the enemy to stand still in place but still being able to cast spells/attack.
This attribute can only be used by Druids.

[Sorcerer - Snare]
When inflicting damage to opponents there is a chance to cause a snare effect which will slow/paralyze the enemy. This attribute can only be used by Sorcerer.

[PvP Resilience]
Decreases the overall damage taken from enemy players and their summons.

[PvP Power]
Increases the overall damage dealt to players and their summons.

[New Feature: Strike Combos]
When using an elemental strike stacked with a critical chance strike, you will receive the following bonuses based on the element.

Death: critical hits cause a silence effect, preventing spell casts.
Fire: critical hits cause a fire damage over time effect to be applied to the target.
Ice: critical hits cause the target to be frozen for a short time.
Lightning: critical hits cause the target to be stunned for 2 seconds.
Holy: critical hits cause a holy damage over time effect to be applied to the target.
Poison: critical hits cause a poison damage over time effect to be applied to the target.
22/04/2024 -
[Welcome to our new Tutor team]
We are happy...
[Welcome to our new Tutor team]
We are happy to introduce Frank, Max, Brainless and Youknowitsme to the tutor team, you can find them active in World/Help Chats always eager to complete quests, bosses, events and be there to help!
21/04/2024 -
[April 22nd - Weekly Monday Patch]

[April 22nd - Weekly Monday Patch]

We have some exciting news for you guys in this weeks patch log, read below to find out more!

[New Client Files Required]
Due to a recent update in our client we require all players to download the new files manually.
The auto updater on the old client will no longer sync with the new file changes which is why this is required.
I know I previously mentioned not needing to do this for awhile but it was in the best interests.
We can now move forward with updates ensuring that our files are safe and handled by a new encryption method.
Please find the link on the website and download it directly from there.
If you have any issues, please delete %appdata%/Blazera/BlazeraOT/ then reopen the client.

[Magical Crafting Adjustments]
Crafting costs have been adjusted as follows:
- Clean Attribute Slot Cost: 200 MD -> 100 MD
- Common Craft Cost: 250 MD -> 175 MD
- Uncommon Craft Cost: 350 MD -> 300 MD
- Rare Craft Cost: 500 MD -> 400 MD
- Epic Craft Cost: 750 MD -> 600 MD
- Legendary Craft Cost: 1000 MD -> 800 MD
- Mythical Craft Cost: 1200 MD -> 1000 MD
[Info: MD = Magical Dust]

Item Level Requirements adjusted as follows:
- Common Craft Minimum Level: Item Level 1 -> Item level 20
- Uncommon Craft Minimum Level: Item Level 30 -> Item level 35
- Rare Craft Minimum Level: Item Level 60 -> Item level 50
- Epic Craft Minimum Level: Item Level 80 -> Item level 75
- Legendary Craft Minimum Level: Remains Item Level 100
- Mythical Craft Minimum Level: Remains Item Level 200

Orb of Enchantment cost has been raised from 100 MD -> 200 MD.
The price increase reflects the changes made to magical monsters and common/uncommon rate increase.

[Magical Attribute Adjustments]
The Life and Mana Steal attributes have had their powers buffed!
You are now able to earn a limit of 150 health or mana steal at 50% chances with min-max ranges also being buffed.
[Common: 15-24 @ 3% Uncommon: 25-50 @ 5% Rare: 35-60 @ 6% Epic: 45-80 @ 7-8% Legendary: 55-100 @ 8-10%]

The Strike Attributes have seen an increase of chances & limitations.
We hope the changes allow strikes to be more effective.
[Common: 5-20 @ 2-3% Uncommon: 15-25 @ 3-4% Rare: 25-40 @ 4-5% Epic: 40-55 @ 6-7% Legendary: 55-70 @ 8-10%]

The Attack Speed attribute is now available on Shields and Trinkets.
This allows players to achieve the limit of 100% instead of being limited to 40%.

[Unjustified Kill Settings]
-Red Skull has been raised from 3 to 4 kills.
-Black Skull has been raised from 4 to 6 kills.
-You will no longer be banned on Black Skull, instead banishment will occur after 8 kills.

[Greedy Goblin Additions]
You are now able to purchase the auto loot extender, 10x teleport runes and first or second slot item rerollers!
The prices of magic find box and lucky clover amulet have also been adjusted to match point costs.
Enjoy the new items and spend those Blazera Tokens wisely!

[Ingame Highscores]
Using the new button highscores buttons found on both of the layouts you are able to access a new in-game panel.
This panel allows you to sort through all players by vocations or skill type!
You are also able to double click on player names to inspect the characters information even further.
On this player information window you'll be able to see the characters current equipment, skills and level as well as online time, K/D and more!

[Ingame Character Creation]
Moving forward you will no longer need to leave the client when you want to create or delete a character.
This quality of life adjustment comes out of the perspective that we have seen many other games focus on client quality of life improvements.
Allowing the player to remain inside the game client rather than needing to switch between browser and client to complete actions.
You may only create or delete a character once every 30 seconds and the player you wish to delete must be offline.
15/04/2024 -
[April 15th - Weekly Monday Patch]

[April 15th - Weekly Monday Patch]

This week features changes that we hope helps to increase the rate at which magical items are found, please read below for more information.

[Magical Loot]
We want to make Blazera a more magical place, to do that we have increased some of the drop rates.
You will now begin to see more common and uncommon tiered items drop more frequently.
Common has seen an increase from 1.5% to 3% chances with Uncommon being raised from 1.3% to 2%.

[Magical Monsters]
We have found that a lot players have been hunting dragons mainly to find magical items quicker.
So with this week's update we want to expand the monsters people deem valuable for magicals.
Instead of only boss monsters and mini-bosses, normal monsters are now included in magical monsters.
Below is a list of new monsters that have a 2% chance to become magical when hunting them.

New Magical Monsters: Enraged Dragon Lord, Black Knight, Hero, Wyrm, Frost Dragon, Dragon Lord,
Giant Spider, Necromancer, Orc Warlord, Banshee, Hydra, Nightmare, Sea Serpent, Behemoth,
Grim Reaper, Demon, Fury, Wyvern, Diabolic Imp, Defiler, Hellfire Fighter, Plaguesmith,
Lost Soul, Dark Torturer, Destroyer, Blightwalker, Phantasm, Betrayed Wraith, Hand of Cursed Fate,
Hellhound, Juggernaut.

[Supply Stash]
A new supply stash container is available in your depots allowing you to stow away any item that is stackable.
This includes all your potions, creature products, currencies! Safely store them away for quick access.
Currently the feature does not display item names/categories but we are working on a patch to include this feature.
For now it acts as a supplies storage container and we will add the sorting feature soon!

[Mini Boss Adjustment]
Moving forward minibosses will no longer display the [MB] tag in front of their name.
Instead we have moved in favor of altered names, for example a black skull demon will now appear as a Brute Demon.
Skulls and chances all remain the same, it is just the name adjustment that has been made for viewing purposes.

[Auto Loot Expander]
A new golden token can be found in the premium point game store for 40 premium points.
Using this golden token will add 4 auto loot slots to your player and remove the item.

[Quick Fixes]
-Ornament Shield Quest now reflect TibiaWiki, where players can stand on a tile to remove stalagmite and access a second chest containing a red bag and other items.
-Baxter now responds with a statement if you've already begun/finished the quests he offers.
-Magical Enchantments system had some patches/fixes applied.
08/04/2024 -
[April 8th - Weekly Monday Patch]

[April 8th - Weekly Monday Patch]

With this weeks changes we have added more quality of life changes and requested additions, we hope you enjoy!

[Magical Tooltips]
When hovering over items you will now be able to view magical attributes!
We will also display the magical tier name above the item name from now on.
Additionally the magical creation type is also on display in the tooltip.
Last but not least, you will now see the item level/percentage at the bottom!

[Magical Item Linking]
Seen in games like World of Warcraft/Dialbo, you can now share your magical finds in chat!
When using CTRL + ALT to link an item to chat, it will now also display the tier color.
Upon hover item-links will now also include the magical attribute information mentioned above.

[New Inspection Info]
When inspecting a player you will now be able to see their: Rebirth, Magic Find, Quest Points and Bank Balance.
We will continue to add new features and options to this window in the future, let us know any suggestions!

[Unjustified Points Module]
As found on the default layout, we have now activated the Unjustified Point window on the tibia layout.
It will offer the same features showing you the current skull along with time remaining for frags and skulls.
Along with this information it will also display the amount of frags needed for red skull and black skull.

[Extended Client Ping]
A feature requested for awhile by a few players that live further away from our servers.
Upon logging in your ping will now display in the top left corner of the screen.
You can toggle ping display in the options menu along.

[DirectX Client Option]
A new client update has been released to feature DirectX as an option to users on older systems.
blazera_dx.exe will run much better on systems that are using older graphics cards, motherboards, etc.
blazera.exe will remain the OpenGL option and should be the default use, however its completely your call.

[Boss Health Bars]
Adjustments have been made to take into account the top display bar of conditions and health/mana.
We have also moved the name inside the bar next to the health for an easier viewing experience.

[Rebirth Equipment Usaged]
When rebirthing you will no longer be restricted by item levels on armors or weapons!
This means when you rebirth, even if a level has a level requirement of 60; you will do full damage.
We hope this change makes the transition easier to anyone exploring our reborn system!

[Line of Sight]
Previously Blazera followed the same logic of Tibia with the top down angle line of sight.
This means you were able to shoot magic walls towards the top of the screen better than the bottom.
We have adjusted the code that handles line of sight to allow balanced shooting.
Moving forward you will be able to shoot a magic wall down and behind a current blocking object.
The same way it would function for doing to towards the top.

[Daily & Quest Point Timer Display]
You can now use the talkactions !qp and !dailys to display the remaining timers for quest points, daily tasks and boosts.
You are able to see if they are both available and the time remaining, we hope this makes it easier to tell when things are ready.
A client window will be coming soon to display the same type of options, while possibly extending it to show current task objectives.

[Quick Fixes]
-You are now able to drag container windows to their full length when using 32 slots.
-You are now able to free move container windows anywhere on the screen on the default layout.
-Tibia layout now includes access to all shaders.
-Analyzer issue has been resolved, please move your bot folder to the desktop from %appdata% and start the client.
-We have removed all tier names when looking at an item from now on, they will show only on tooltip hover.
-The Supply Crate for Xodets shop used during What a Foolish quest is now available again.
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Welcome to Blazera 8.60
Accounts: 455 • Players: 783 • Guilds: 11 • Wars: 0
DownloadsServer InfoF.A.QCustom Client
Please download our custom client for a better experience.
Blazera Player Spotlight


Quest Points: (420)
Reborn Legend

Pick Me Up

Rebirths: (1)
Bounty Hunter


Frags: (26)
Grim Reaper


Deaths: (105)

Pick Me Up

XP: (1.56B)

Pick Me Up

Time: (121d 8h)
Most Powerful Guilds on Blazera

Botters Anonymous
13 kills

11 kills

5 kills
Blazera Server Trailer

[Blazera Real Map 8.6 - Starters Information]

Full 8.6 Real Map w/ Roshamuul + New Items
Full quests with missions - completing quests unlocks Boss Rooms featuring new creatures from up to client 13x! Areas like Roshamuul are also available with proper inhabitant creatures + loot tables. Blazera prides itself to be as close to Real Tibia as possible in 8.6 while also introducing the updates we feel should be in the game.
Magic Find, Magical Item Attributes & Crafting

Each character has a magic find chance that increases as you level, when a monster drops equipment items they can be found with up to 44 new attributes including life/mana steal, elemental strikes, multi-shot, critical/dodge & many more! You are also able to smelt items from valuable gems or salvage magical items for dust to build new ones in the crafting system. Bosses are also great way to earn dust, gems and orbs of enchantment!

Dungeons & Team Finder
We offer a unique dungeon system using a team finder and queue for you to enjoy hunts with other players. Either use !dungeon to access them by quick access window selection or enter the teleport in Thais Depot. Rewards are repeatable once every 24 hours or you can earn a second reward before the cooldown is over by using a dungeon token. Some dungeons are locked by dungeon keys which are obtained through bosses/events.

Daily Tasks & Task Shop
We offer three daily tasks that include • Completing Activities • Monster Killing • Creature Product Collection. Completing these tasks will earn you experience, gold coins, experience boosts and points that can be used in the Task Shop.
Login Reward System
Every day you log in, over the course of 28 days you will receive a new reward. If you fail to login for 24 hours, the prizes will restart at Day 1. Complete the prize list by logging in everyday to earn some truly legendary rewards! wink wink

Rebirth/Prestige with Character Benefits
Once reaching level 300, players can visit the Oracle of Rebirth to be reborn. You will be set back to level 8 while keeping your skills and items. Each rebirth will add 1% health, mana and damage to your character and unlock access to rebirth island.

Dynamic Boss Rewards Container
When killing certain bosses as a team, each player will receive their own unique loot which can be found in the "Reward Chest" inside your depot or by looting the creature after the fight. Certain items will be flagged as unique with only 1 participant receiving the reward.

Boss Arenas & Monster Eggs
While hunting you will find special eggs that spawn RARE bosses, when you find one of these eggs it will be labeled by its rarity and allow you to spawn a boss of that type in the Boss Arenas. You can also rent a private arena for 15 Blazera tokens to ensure no one interrupts your fight.
Events & Mini-Games
Events like Team Death Match, Safe Zone, Fire Storm & Zombies run every hour on the hour while Mini-Events like Trivia & Fastest Fingers run every 20 to 40 minutes. By participating you earn Blazera Tokens which can be used to purchase exclusive rewards. If you feel lucky, you can also spend them in our casino that offers: Black Jack, Dice, Beat The Dealer, Wheel of Fortune & Slot Machines.
No P2W & No VIP Items
All web shop items are non-edited real tibia items and can be earned by quests, won through events, dropped by bosses or purchased with Blazera Tokens. Every single item is available in-game!
Server opens February 9th @ 5PM EST
Dont miss out on the adventure - stay on the look out in our discord for promo-keys!

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players: 8
Uptime: 14h 36m