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In-game Commands
Item Market Commands
!market buy,marketIdPurchases an item from the Market with the specified ID.
!market sell,item,amountLists your item in the Market for the items you want in return.
!market return,marketIdCancels your Market listing and returns the item to your depot.
!market info,marketIdView stats and other information about the listed item.
!market list,playerNameView another players Market listings.
!market listView recent listings. Its recommended to use the site instead.
!market helpDisplays information and examples of how to use the Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Item Market? Why should I use it?

General Information about the Item Market.
The Item Market is a new feature that lets you create automatic trades. You can use this feature to create your own personal shop or browse items for sale by anyone in the server. After you list your item for sale, anybody in the server can instantly purchase it and you will get a parcel containing the items you requested in your Thais Depot. You can list any item you want in the market, including enchanted equipment. You can request any item you want in return for your item including premium points.

When a new item is listed on the market it will automatically broadcast in trade channel that you've just recently posted a new listing. You can always instantly return your items to your Thais Depot and there is no listing fee, so there is no risk involved. You're able to can ask for a wide variety of items for yours, from 5x Red Dragon Claws to 5x Magical Boxes, the possibilities are endless. We've tried to make it as convenient as possible, no more constantly spamming your items in trade, no more messaging someone to buy their item to only find out they're AFK, and by using this new Market system, you can now complete trades safely while you're offline.

How do I sell items?

How to list your item in the Item Market.
You must place the item you want to sell in your arrow/ammo slot and then type the item name and the amount of that item you want to receive in return. You can request any item in return for your item including premium points. You are not restricted to only gold or blazera tokens. You could ask for a blue piece of cloth, a magical box or 10 orb of enchantments for your item. You are limited to 15 market listings at a time.

If you had an enchanted nidalee's spear in your arrow slot and you wanted to trade it for 200 Blazera Tokens then you would type: !market sell,blazera token,200. If somebody saw that trade offer and thought it was a good deal they could instantly purchase it and you would receive 200 Blazera Tokens in a parcel.

  • !market sell,blazera token,175
  • !market sell,premium points,2000
  • !market sell,gold nugget,5
  • !market sell,blue piece of cloth,50

How do I buy items?

How to buy items from the Item Market.
Every item in the market has a unique Market ID which you can use to buy, view information or return the item to your inventory. After you found the item you want to purchase just type: !market buy,ID. Everything in the market is fully automatic. You don't have to wait for players to be online and you'll receive the item in your Thais Depot instantly after purchasing it.

  • !market buy,7
  • !market buy,251

Sharing your personal Item Shop

How to show other players your listed items. (Item Shop)
A personal Item Shop does not require anything to set up. You can directly link your listed items to other players by searching your characters name in the market search box and copy and pasting the url to other people. You can also tell players to view your listings in-game by typing: !market list,playerName. They will only see your listed items and it lets players easily check what you have for sale.


How to use the search feature to find what you want.

The search feature is a very powerful tool.
The website allows you to easily search for attributes such as SPEED, HEALTH, MANA, REGEN, ATTACKSPEED and more. You can search a generic item term like 'boots of haste' or 'godly' (donation items) or an exact item search like 'scroll of vip (30 days)'. You can also search a players name and find every item listed by them. The player name you enter is a wildcard search so if you have 3 characters with the word 'Blue Knight' in it then searching that will include listed items by any player with that phrase in their name.


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