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News: Blazera March Patch [Quality of Life]
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Blazera March Patch [Quality of Life]

Blazera March Patch Info

NPC's taking players items when equipped; especially magical items.

Our dear friend Nahlesar (located second floor Thais Library) has been found to be the main culprit stealing players equipped items. We apologize for any lost items and appreciate everyones understanding while we fixed this. If anyone encounters an NPC taking equipped items, please inform us of the NPC name; although we are 99.9% positive this issue will never occur again.

Stamina was not recovering at an acceptable rate.

In other news, the reported issue of stamina recovery has been resolved (although there was not a "bug" to begin with). From now on, ALL characters will recover 3.125 minutes of stamina for every 5 minutes being logged off. (This is compared to 1 minute of stamina for every 3 minutes logged off)

We have also lowered the buffer before stamina recovers after being logged off from 10 minutes to 1 minute.

Could not access Donation Castles without VIP.

Castles are now also accessible from the northern side of the basement of Captain Bluebeard's ship.

Exhaust is not functioning properly from runes/potions "Cannot mana potion + SD at the same time".

Our "reportee" must have recently been playing a Baiak/Custom server; after evaluation from a popular war server owner; we can confirm that the exhausts are shared/seperated exactly where they need to be.

Seeing what monster dropped magical loot is too hard amongst the battle log.

We have now added an extra message in default channel to help easily filter which monster has dropped the desired loot.

Players in parties will both receive the loot message.

[Example] 17:11 Loot: a rotworm just dropped a uncommon mace.


-!stats now shows all attributes and elements limitations and current applied stats.

-!mf now shows current absorbed magic boxes & lucky items.

-Castle Access has been added to Thais Boat Basement.

We have lots planned for the coming month. From new casino games, events, marketplace features and more.

We hope to make the community a happy and active one <3

06.03.22 16:00:17
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It's been 2 months 


22.05.22 22:11:26
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