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03/01/2022 -
[OS has been updated, along with server distribution!]
[OS has been updated, along with server distribution!]
06/05/2021 -
[Blazera Patch v1 live!]
[Blazera Patch v1 live!]
22/04/2021 -
[Join our Discord @]
[Join our Discord @]
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Welcome to Blazera 8.6!
Last Person to Register: Lindow Wicker, prepare for your adventure!
Accounts: 443
Players: 584
Guilds: 5
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May 05 2021 -
Blazera Patch v1

Thank you for choosing Blazera!
We have had a busy week between getting map/server updates ready to push from the Test Server to the Production Server and this being my birthday week (May 5th). I appreciate all the patience from our players, you guys have some great ideas and its been amazing talking with you and getting to know everyone. With that being said, we have released a good portion of what I planned for Patch v1. There are still a few more things to complete and will be released next week - so until then, happy hunting and stay safe out there!

Blazera Patch v1 Info

-Gambling Dice NPC added to Thais Depot. (high/low - 80% reward)
-You can now look at other players to see VIP Status, K/D Ratio and how many guildmates they have/are online.
-Hunting Room Teleport moved from VIP to Thais Depot.
-Outfit Statue added to Thais Depot (Requires 1 Blazera Coin).
-Blazera Coins will be dropped by monsters(600+ hp), earned from events, etc.
-Pits of Inferno and Annilihator access portals added to Thais Temple (second floor).
-Thais Depot + Boat teleports added to Thais Temple (second floor).
-Jail Room has been added to Thais Temple (Anti-Bot System and GM's can send you here).
-Yasir is now docked to Thais Boat and you can now sell all your creature products.
-Frozdegon, Orshabaal & Ghazbaran bosses are available through VIP Boat. (3 hour respawn time)
-The same bosses are available in the Event Room for FREE accounts. (6 hour respawn time)
-Web Pages (Server Info) and (Addon Bonuses) have been updated.

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Apr 04 2021 -
Blazera 8.6 Real Map

Welcome to Blazera!
We are constantly working on new features for Blazera, take a look at the list below to see what has already been completed.

Change Log:
-Unfair Fight Reduction System
-Low Level Blessings onDeath (unless skulled)
-No damage to guildmates during Guild Wars
-Anti-MC, maximum of 3 connections per IP.
-Hunting Rooms Added (Dragons/DLs)
-Advanced Guild Page Information added
-NPCs only take items from backpacks
-+1SQM Instant Push enabled

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